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WFOR Anchor Eliott Rodriguez Nominated for Imagen Award


WFOR anchor Eliott Rodriguez has been nominated for an Imagen Award for his report on Cuban journalist Ricardo Gonzalez (watch) who was jailed by Cuba’s government and is serving a 20-year sentence for reporting on the 2003 crackdown on Cuban dissidents. When Rodriguez traveled to Cuba in 2002 for a WFOR CBS4 assignment he spoke to Gonzalez who was arrested 7 months later.

The award is given out by the Imagen Foundation, an organization dedicated to “encouraging and recognizing the positive portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment industry” and since its establishment tin 1985 has become one of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. Past recipients include actors Andy Garcia, Antonio Banderas and even Admiral Adama himself – known in the real world as Edward James Olmos. So if the Admiral got one of these you know it’s an awesome award!

The award ceremony will take place in LA on August 15

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  1. I always liked Eliott and thought he was given a raw deal at WPLG. WFOR has also moved him around too. With Eliott’s co anchor leaving, it looks like that crossed female might be his co anchor, I hope not!

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that, that Cynthis might replace Erika Von Thiel (sp?) I guess then that Marybel Rodriguez would replace Cynthia on the AM and noon shows, and CBS4 would have to scare up another morning reporter.

  2. I love a good discriminatory culture/race award. They are so inclusive. Are non hispanic blacks and whites allowed or eligible? There are no blacks or anglos on their board of directors.

    I never heard of the award before but the website says..
    “recognizing and encouraging the television, film and advertising industries to portray Latino actors and production storylines in a positive and accurate manner”

    Hispanics must always be portrayed in a positive manner? What about the rest of us? We get the all the bad guy parts now?

    If this group had its way we never would have had Scarface!

    • Hey Jumbalia,

      Why do you have to be a jerk like that. Elliot is one of the best anchors in the market. Someone who doesn’t play up to that WSVN BS style of anchoring! get over yourself!

  3. Eliot is the man, he should have been made the main anchor in Miami a long time ago!
    Much better than AM, in my own personal opinion!
    He also kills any of the other anchors in the market!


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