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Brian Andrews Leaves Colombia Due to Security Issue


Brian Andrews has left Colombia abruptly after the US Embassy warned him about a “security issues”.

Even though the Colombian press is buzzing about his departure, in a post on his blog Brian says he hasn’t given interviews and that the Colombian tabloids are making up the stories surrounding his sudden departure from the country. ElTiempo.com is one of the rags who claim to have talked to Brian and that militant organization FARC is behind the security issue.

Brian says Colombia News in English is not ceasing, he’s still reporting daily for them from Miami

I have nothing but great things to say about the country and about the organization for which I work. Continue to check out my reports each day at http://www.colombianews.tv.

He ends his post with “My heart is in Colombia. I’ll be back”

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  1. Maybe the real story is Brian was chasing his dream and then the guy’s father got mad and threatened to kill him.

    Something seems fishy here. The details are thin and sketchy and they beg more questions than answers. How come his blog doesn’t simply state what happened? He talks about all of the wrong reporting on what happened, but he never corrects it. He never even says he will at a later date when he is “safe”. Red flag #1.

  2. Brian, tell them to go Fark themselves (once you’re back in the United States of course). Those farkin’ bastiges.

  3. Just watched ESPN’s documentary on Colombias glory days in soccer and dark days of violence. Excellent film. I’ve been down there plenty of times and it’s a beautiful place, violence down there is not anything what it was 20 years ago. Hopefully everything is cleared up quick, kinda sad this had to happen.

  4. that sucks he had to leave.. but if hes remaining quite about it, he could have been advised not to say anything from the us embassy.

  5. Many journalists have security issues in Columbia, but rarely does the State Department get involved and tell people to leave the country. Something else is happening here.

  6. Brian did such great things for Colombia’s imagine. As a Colombian, I am really sad about this. I hope he will come back and that RCN keeps doing what they are to tell the world what a great place the country is. Brian, Colombia will always welcome you back with open arms.

  7. This is bogus!

    No details or threats explained. Classic Brian!
    There’s a real story somewhere but this “threat” is more self promotion from someone who is fond
    of puffing himself up.

    Come on Brian! Come clean! The Embassy warned you? About what?
    There is absolutely NO reason not to offer a real explanation for your departure.
    Especially once you are back in Miami!

    There’s a reason he left Colombia but I’m positive it’s no where near as exciting as this fake threat excuse is!

  8. It’s clear none of you know anything about what life is like down there when you are dealing with terrorists. Brian probably isn’t talking about it, because he can’t. With blond hair, blue eyes, and travel all over the country’s small towns, he certainly is a target. It is sad this happened, but our country must take a stand against these terrorists in the jungle. We have come a long way since the days of the drug lords, but there is still too much insecurity.

    • We don’t know what life is like with terrorism or drug lords?

      I don’t know much about Columbia and don’t much care, but I do know that Columbia’s drug wars moved to the US-Mexican border. People there know a lot about it too.

      If your county must take a stand against “terrorists in the jungle” then maybe you should go home and fight instead of sitting in front of a keyboard lecturing others.

      • Why you so worked up?! Chill out. How can you have such strong opinions when you admit your completely ignorant to the situation down there.

        • I read this thread and am amused.

          So many can’t spell the name of the country!
          It’s Colombia! Maybe that public school education just didn’t stick like it should have in your heads!

          Give Brian a break! He is doing more with his life than many of you! All I read are comments for small minds in local news markets trying to trash someone that is doing way more with his life than they are.

  9. For the record @Che Colombia is spelled with an O not a U. And country has an R in it.

    Real smart!

    If you’ve never been to COLOMBIA then fine. But those who have fallen in love with the country, know it’s beauty both good and bad. Check your facts and stay out of the conversation if you don’t know what’s going on.



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