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More Tweaks To WSFL Morning Show


It appears that ‘The Morning Show’ on WSFL has been tweaked yet again.

This time the suits separated hosts Kristin Anderson and Dave Aizer. Kristin is now reporting from various locations daily, Dave is in the studio anchoring from the couch by himself. Eugene Ramirez, who was out and about reporting live, is now in studio and often doing interviews by himself.

Lisa Hayward is still the news girl, so no changes there.

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  1. Kristin is way too talented to be dumped out in the field to do such mundane and pointless stories. Hopefully, someone will pick her up soon. The show was watchable for a little while, but these days, “The Morning Show reminds me of a lot of a lone ship missing in the Atlantic.

    Where is Alex Zequeira? Anyone got an update on Sharp Dressed John?

    On another note, Amber Lyon (the blonde who was once a host) is now a CNN correspondent. If I remember correctly, he departure from “the Morning Show” was not copacetic. Who’s laughing now?

  2. this show was never watchable. shocked it is still on the air

    I guess to have talent to be a news host all you have to do is act like 13 year old girl and say the words “like oh my god” a hundred times a newscast.

  3. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I have a feeling that Kristin will end up at a Southern California station sooner rather than later. Her man lives out there, and she’s constantly flying back and forth…again, I hope I’m wrong, I would miss seeing her (and those great legs!) on WSFL. Of course, that would depend on her contract status…


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