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Don Guevara Leaving WSVN

Kevin Ozebek Photo: NBC-2.com

WSVN reporter Don Guevara is leaving the station according to NewsBlues.┬áHis replacement will be Kevin Ozebek who’s now reporting for Fort Myers NBC affiliate WBBH.

Don Guevara joined WSVN in January of 2007 as a reporter from Central Florida News 13 up in Orlando.

Seems like these days a lot of hires are from Fort Myers!

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  1. Never really liked Don. Any idea where he’s going?

    I also saw Reid Lamberty on WSVN last week, real good catch for them.

  2. Reid’s a freelancer. Only gonna be there a couple of days per week. Used to anchor in NYC but moved down to live with his wife.

  3. don always seems frightened on tv, never thought he was smooth like the rest of ch7s reporters.. im sure old alice didnt think so either….well, you get what you pay for.. thats why they hire crappy ft myers reporters… this one will suck as bad as don.. maybe not as “hard” as don

    what small market is don gonna shoot news for now?

  4. I always liked watching Don. I thought he did a good job especially on breaking news…he plays it calm, cool, and collected not over-the-top or robotic like some of the others. Too bad 7 couldn’t hold on to him.

  5. Don is a great reporter and one that is very polished.
    Don and I started out together at a small local cable station many years ago and he has come a long way. Don is very determined and goal oriented and he will go far. Wherever he ends up, that station will be lucky to have him. Wishing you much luck and success, Don!

  6. Don reminds me of one of the neighborhood kids who knock on your door late in the evening asking if your child can come out and play.


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