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WTVJ’s John Gerard Moves on to WOAI

John Gerard Photo: NBCMiami.com

WTVJ weekend meteorologist John Gerard is moving on and switching TV stations, but this time it’s not in South Florida. Gerard has been hired as the chief meteorologist of San Antonio NBC affiliate WOAI. He is replacing that station’s former chief meteorologist Jennifer Broome who was there for 10 years but whom the station decided not to renew.

John Gerard has been in South Florida since 1992 when he joined WPLG as their morning and noon meteorologist. In 2003 he joined WTVJ.

Gerard’s first day at WOAI is May 10th.

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  1. John is a class act – has always been that way since his days at Channel 10. He will truly be missed – all the best, John!

  2. John Gerard is probably my favorite meteorologist in South Florida, so I’m sad he’ll be leaving! We’ll miss you, John – best of luck in Texas!

  3. John Gerard is a class act who has deserved a Chief Meteorologist position for many years. He makes any newsroom better, and now that newsroom will be in Texas instead of Miami.

    Just hope he doesn’t become a Cowboys or Spurs fan… 🙂

  4. I knew this was going to happen since WTVJ did not give him the Chief Meterologist position. He deserves to be in that position after Paul Deanno left. John and Paul made a great team together at WTVJ.

  5. Welcome to Texas my friend!! Tom and I wish you and your family all good things to come! They got themselves one of the best (although we think YOU are the best) meterologists in the country!

  6. Boy, John is gonna be missed here…WTVJ should had made him the number 1 guy instead of John Morales who goes back and forth to Telemundo in a cost cutting measure……Maybe WTVJ can pick up ch7’s old weatherman, I heard he’s out of jail and will work very cheap !

  7. Sorry to hear that……John is excellent, whether it’s telling us whether there will be rain tomorrow or in tracking the path of a hurricane. (I still remember the tracking maps he used to post at Channel 10.)

    Good luck to him.

  8. Same here, John G is a man of weather and also a Man of Faith as I recall listening to his weather forecast on then WMCU-FM in the 1990s. Thanks for being a great weatherguy and hope the San Antonio climate work well for for his career.

  9. Don’t know if any of you watched the sat. night 11 pm weather with John as he had no tie, no jacket, his shirt wasn’t even tucked in…….guess he didn’t have to worry about getting fired…lol

  10. What will happen now? Are they going to just staff their weather department with three people? Who will move to evenings? That would be tough for them if they end up with no one being hired because of the declining staff and Comcast sale coming up.

  11. what’s going on? is the blog on vacation? or are the folks simply too busy with their real jobs and lives? seems like forever since it was last updated…

  12. Tell me about it!!!!!!

    I heard Don Guevara is leaving 7news???


    I also heard Kevin Ozebek WBBH is taking his place


  13. Wow just found out about John’s move. Sad for South Florida but happy for his long overdue promotion! I will miss his good technical tidbits he threw in and of course his great sense of humor. BEST OF LUCK JOHN!

  14. Funny, a top Latino market WTVJ that could use more anglo diversity on-air lets John go t a medium size market 65% Hispanic. Shame on WTVJ recycling cheap Telemundo talent most overrated. John should do well in SA but I’m certain it wasn’t an easy move from beautiful white sands and blue water but who can blame him but WTVJ managament.

  15. I remember when John was on WATE TV 6 In Knoxville Tennessee. Best there ever was! God bless you and yours at the new job!


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