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Lisa Lee, New Traffic Reporter on WFOR

Lisa Lee Photo: NBA.com

There is a new traffic reporter on WFOR as of this week, her name is Lisa Lee and she just joined the station this month. She might look familiar to some of you, Lee was a fill-in traffic reporter at WPLG for a short time around 2005. She also spent time at Heat TV as reporter and show host.


  1. Christina is way hotter than this girl. This girl is busted!!!
    Who hired her? A blind man.
    I mean traffic is like the eye candy of the morning.
    You only tune in to see what hot chick is telling us where the AX are.

  2. The change is sad news. I watched every morning to see Christina and Lisette in the battle of the plastic breasts. Each day they competed to see who could stick their chests out and move their comically sized gargantuan breasts closest to the camera. They would speak and walk towards the camera.

    This girl better have bring something to the table or get to a plastic surgeon or Lisette is going to steal the show. You don’t need a brain to do morning traffic. You need two!

  3. Lisa may be gone, she hasn’t been on in over a week, also no bio for her on the CBS4 website (though they may have never had one). Lately, they’ve had off-camera reports from Erin Lee (no relation), who I think was formerly a DJ on the now-defunct 93 Rock.

    • Since it hasn’t yet been mentioned, Vanessa Borge has replaced Lisa Lee as CBS4 morning traffic reporter. She is hot, hot, hot! (but kinda young, I saw a Facebook page which I think was hers, she’s only 24?!)


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