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Reed Cowan Moves on From WSVN

Reed Cowan Photo: WSVN.com

WSVN anchor and reporter Reed Cowan is leaving the station for another opportunity. A memo to WSVN staff from VP of news Alice Jacobs announced his departure saying Cowan had been talking to her for a few weeks he had an interest in an opportunity outside of 7. No mention yet as to where he’s going, that announcement is pending, but if we must turn the speculatron on, he tweeted on July 6th he was off to Los Angeles. And he also re-tweeted a KABC tweet the same day! Two and together right?

Reed Cowan joined WSVN in May of 2007 as a reporter and anchor of the Saturday edition of ‘Today in Florida’. When Tom Haynes left for Atlanta and they promoted Charles Billi to anchor alongside Lynn Martinez on weekdays, Cowan took over as the weekend co-anchor with Robbin Simmons.

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  1. That’s a real loss for WSVN! My wife and I always enjoyed watching Reed. No surprise he’s moving on though, he deserves to be in a market like LA or NY… or network.

  2. That is a true loss for WSVN. Reed Cowan should have been given the spot of Charles Billi immediately. Instead they brought in another Reid, but very drab at best. As much as I love Robbin Simmons, Reid Lamberty should have gone to weekends.

    As of tonight, it looks like Blake Burman has the Saturday night spot. Good for him. He’s good on air and has a chemistry with the ones he co-anchors with.

    Poor Lynn Martinez has to suffer with Lamberty.

    I’ll never understand some management decisions……

  3. …wow..”truth”…really?! Rosh…Derek…and Robbin?? If that’s your news judgement as far as the ‘best’ at WSVN…it leaves MUCH to be desired!!

  4. As a faithful viewer of WSVN, I am shocked and saddened that this station let Reed Cowan get away. He was a classy guy and had great style of reporting the news.

    Obviously this station did not offer any incentive; i.e. money/anchor in order to keep Reed in South Florida.

    I wish Reed the best, but will miss him.

  5. Reed will be missed. He is so talented and has great charisma and professionalism on air. He should have been given the anchor spot when Charles left. He deserved it. But I wish him well in his new gig which ever it may be.

  6. South Florida will truly miss Reed. He was most down-to-earth and a very caring individual. WSVN lost a tremendous personality and someone should have his/her head examined for letting him go. When Charles Balli left, Reed should have immediately been promoted to that position. It truly is ashame that corporate businesses never look beyond the end of their noses. Guess I have to start watching the other channels. Best of luck to you, Reed. You certainly deserve whatever you get. If WSVN is smart, they’d hire you back for twice your salary and give you a 20-year contract! You can never be replaced! Thank you for your honest reporting and sincere personality.

  7. Rosh Lowe is one of the worst reporters I have ever seen. If you think he has talent, you have never met him in the field and never seen the crap he pulls to lie and sensationalize a story.

  8. Do I miss Reed Cowan a lot, I DO!! He and Robbin were a great pair of newscasters working together. But I have learnt that to get something bigger, one has to experience some form of disappointment. Maybe, being looked over for the position at WSVN 7 was the only way he could see the light!! More power to him!!

  9. Though it has been months since he’s left he is still missed. It is unfortunate for Miami that 7 let that much talent slip through their fingers.


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