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WSVN Reporter Vanessa Ruiz Leaving This Month


WSVN reporter Vanessa Ruiz will be leaving the station, once again, next week after accepting an anchor and special correspondent job with TV Marti. Ruiz has already been reporting for the new outlet most recently traveling to Puerto Rico.

Vanessa Ruiz first joined WSVN in November 2005 as a reporter. In January 2008 Ruiz decided to leave the station so she can finish her last year of college but she came back to WSVN in November of the same year as a freelancer while also attending school.

WSVN boss lady and VP of News Alice Jacobs told staffers in a memo Vanessa Ruiz is leaving to join TV Marti as a Latin America special correspondent and that her last day at WSVN is July 14th.

After the jump you can check out a video of Vanessa Ruiz reporting for TV Marti from Puerto Rico

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  1. finally.. i thought she’d never leave. all her stories sound the same “fighting for his life” that’s her signature phrase. no creativity

  2. Are you kidding? That’s Channel 7 style, period. I for one will be sad to see her go. Always enjoyed her stories.
    Congrats, Vanessa, and good luck!


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