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Updated: The New WFLX Debuts Tonight


Update: When WPTV announced the anchor line up for the WFLX newscasts they left us guessing who would sit next to Tania Rogers, it seems they chose Jon Shainman who joined WPTV around August 2009 after WPBF elected not to renew his contract. Shainman is well known to Palm Beachers he was at WPBF for about about 11 years, first as a reporter and later as the main co-anchor until. And that hunch I had back then about Jon Shainman possibly anchoring again turned out to be true! Amazing, right?

They’ve also kept the voice over guy, John Young, which is a bit odd considering WPEC is using him for their newscasts too. Another odd thing that only the news nerds would care about, the updated music theme for WFLX is what WPBF (and all Hearst-owned stations) used for its opens from around the year 2000 until the last two or three years.

More pics after the jump below

/hat tip GBPalmBeach for sending the pics and providing some of the info/


  1. I already know their new theme. Image News by Gari. I heard a cue of it in the promos during the final WPEC-produced newscast 12/31/10.

  2. Watched part of it (DVR’d the entire show in advance). Didn’t see the open yet, but here’s the general rundown:
    Set: Looks generally as plain as the one used at WPEC. Nothing special.
    Graphics: Okay, but I would have liked to see something similar to what sister WBRC is using (yeah right).
    Music: Gari’s “Image News” (previously noted) Sound familiar? WPBF used it from 1999 until 2004.
    Logo: Now matches that used on the station’s non-news programming, and said logo doesn’t use the actual Fox logo at all, which bugs me to death.

    Of course, those are just the aesthetics.

  3. The show was a little bland. John is a great anchor. But that Tonya Roberts is horrible. She needs a make over. Plus, what’s that weird thing she does with her mouth when she talks. Don’t know if it was an improvement over the Channel 12 people, but it has potential. The female anchor blows though.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing how the main anchor team (Jay Cashmere and Shannon Cake) do tonight. The weekend team were boring. Shannon Cake is fantastic so I have high hopes that tonight’s newscast will be decent.

  5. The VO in the clip that T posted of the weeknight open is John Young. However, his pronunciation of the “nine” of Fox 29 sounds like Chris Corley. The VO at 6:00 IS John Young, too. He is one of the best.


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