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Updated: WSVN Replaces Voice Over Scott Chapin


Update 2: One more, ‘7news Now’ bumper has Schott Chapin, then at the end when they roll the WSVN.com bumper it has new guy’s voice. Also, before or after a commercial break the voice of a third guy announcing the sponsors for the program!

Not feeling any ‘oomph’ from new voice over guy, at all.

At least they didn’t pick the so called ‘voice of God’. If Premiere Pro cooperates I’ll post some videos, or you can keep an eye on WSVN.com/video/live

Update: Same guy’s voice used in the traffic bumper too, oddly the ‘Today in Florida’ intro for the 8am newscast still used Scott Chapin’s voice. Hodge podge, and kind of tacky if you ask me. New guy definitely does not fit WSVN at all.

um… just heard a new voice over announcing the 7News pen! I guess WSVN parted ways with Scott Chapin?!

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  1. I’d have to see video, I don’t get 7 around here. Strangely enough, my friend who lives about two miles away has AT&T U-verse and he gets WSVN on his system.

  2. Sadly, Scott will no longer be heard on WHDH/WSVN. He went on “sabbatical” as of the 1st of the year and Paul Turner has been selected as his replacement. I am not a fan of Paul’s voicework either.. he doesn’t fit into the “7” style. The voiceover guy that has been handling the commercial breaks would fit perfectly in my opinion.. why didn’t they select him?!

    Oh well.. perhaps Paul will grow on us.


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