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2012 Suncoast Emmy Award Winners


The 36th Suncoast Emmy Awards took place on Saturday December 1st at the Westin Diplomat in Fort Lauderale. WFOR and WJAN were two of the three stations with the most nominations and they also grabbed the most statuettes, WFOR reporter David Sutta in particular went home with 4 Emmys, the station won awards predominantly in the Political and Environment categories. WLRN had 4 nominations and went home with 3 awards, beating everyone in terms of percentage of nominations won, that’s 75% if you keep score.

WTVJ won in the ‘Best Newscast’ category for NBC6 News at 11pm: Zimmerman Arrested. WSVN reporter Nicole Linsalata and WSVN chief photojournalist Kirk Wade grabbed an Emmy for their feature series ‘Hope for Haiti’ which also won them an Edward R. Murrow award in April 2012.

Miami/Fort Lauderdale TV Stations

WPBT – 4 nominations / 0 won / 0% of nominations won
WFOR – 26 nominations / 7 won / 27%
WTVJ – 13 nominations / 1 won / 7.5%
WSVN – 9 nominations / 2 won / 22%
WPLG – 16 nominations / 4 won / 25%
WLRN – 4 nominations / 3 won / 75%
WSCV – 25 nominations / 4 won / 16%
WLTV – 13 nominations / 1 won / 7.5%
WJAN – 31 nominations / 9 won / 29%

West Palm Beach TV stations

WPTV – 14 nominations / 0 won
WPEC – 1 nomination / 0 won
WPBF – none/did not participate

You can see the full list of winners here

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  1. Hi! This layout looks really nice, but your forgot to list WLRN. Congratulations to Kirk Wade and Nicole Linsalata!

  2. WTVJ was lowest on totem pole again only winning 1 of 13. You can’t look at their 5:30 news
    anchor or listen to her speech impediment. How far can they fall before wiseing up.

  3. This is all you need to know about this sham:

    Newscast – Morning – Larger Markets
    CBS4 This Morning
    Alex Hernandez, Christina Lemus, Keith Coll, Rhiannon Ally, Michele Gillen,
    Marybel Rodriguez, Joseph Escobar
    WFOR-TV, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Look, people love giving themselves awards, the only award that really matters is the viewership award..kinda like a website, you can get all the awards you want but the only thing that really counts is unique visitors and even more more important is conversion


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