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About That WSFL Rebrand to SFLTV


 You may have noticed WSFL-TV launched a new on-air look and with it they’re now using the SFLTV moniker. You might have also noticed they picked sfltv.NET as their domain name as they obviously couldn’t use the .com version since we’re on it. And in case you’re wondering, yes I got a soft offer for $1000 for sfltv.com and declined it.

In addition to the new look, the station is promoting itself as a place for viewers to “escape, kick back and enjoy”. Oddly they’ve erased all traces of their ties with the Sun Sentinel. Go figure. You should be seeing lots of billboards around South Florida with the new logo/name and print ads in the Sun Sentinel.

There goes my dream of turning this site into a TV station, although there’s always prior art…

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  1. wow, what a joke of an offer. If they won’t budge, they will feel the burn soon enough. Anyone with half a brain cell online will always remember a .com domain over a .net domain.

    Just enjoy all of the great residual visitors thanks to them.


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