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WSVN Promotes Alexis Rivera to Mornings, Richard Lemus Leaves


An internal memo was sent at WSVN announcing that reporter Alexis Rivera is being promoted to Today in Florida anchor, replacing Richard Lemus who appears to be leaving the station and taking a much-needed break. Richard is one of the long-timers at WSVN. He joined in 1995 as a producer of the then newly minted Deco Drive. Two years later he went to WAWS in Jacksonville, FL to be a reporter but would come back to WSVN 8 months later again as a reporter. When at the end of 2004 WSVN saw the departures of weekend anchor Charles Perez to WABC, morning anchor Delaine Mathieu, and Beatriz Canals before that, Richard Lemus was promoted to morning anchor and has been there since.

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  1. he is leaving the business.. plans to spend the next year or so globe-trotting and re-evaluating things before planning what’s next. poor guy is exhausted from that shift! can’t really blame him.

  2. Now I have a reason to get up and watch WSVN… No offense to Richard but this foursome makes the chicks on naked news look ugly. Hottest news team EVER?

  3. wow great news wish she had a better body…very beautiful but no tits at all…very flat chested just like nicole linsalata

  4. Sorry to see Richard leaving. Sure wish they would have kept a male anchor and replaced him with Jeff Lennox! I like Alexis, but an all female team does not work. Check out WTVJ. It does not work there either. Good luck to Richard!

    • @Adam: That’s fine with me…but was your reply really necessary? Their personal sexual preference has nothing to do with their work abilities. I still think he would have been a great choice.

  5. really j…the truth hurts!!!!!!! tell me what i said that was not the truth……maybe it also applies to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • j or should i say, alexis…nicole….the truth that they are both flat chested and that seems to be a requirement to be hired at channel 7…sorry the truth hurts…..

  6. Just so I understand. Alexis is the girl who changed her name to Rivera to sound more Spanish, even though she is a Jew and has no Spanish or Rivera in her, correct? Just want the honest story to be out there, of course.

  7. But, isn’t news about the truth. If you are not named Rivera and you tell people you are in order to try and make them think you can identify with them, I think you are being dishonest. I think I’ll change my last name to Washington and darker my face and say I am a light-skinned African American. Or maybe I should change my last name to Shapiro and I will say I am a Jew. It’s just an example of a lie that these Channel 7 people seem to use in order to cater to the Cubans in South Florida. If any Spanish person is watching the news because the reporters appears Spanish, then you are pretty dumb to begin with.

  8. The best thing about channel 7 in the am is Diana Diaz….very classy perfect body……like the new morning team….and its gets even better when Vivian Gonzalez does the weather…..the temp rises whenever she is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree re: Vivian. I hope that when Julie Durda’s contract is up (in 2013 if I’m not mistaken) and if she decides to leave WSVN this time, that they give the job to Vivian and hire someone else for weekends! 🙂

  9. I wasn’t talking about anyone’s sexual preference. I don’t know what orientation Jeff is and I don’t care either way. I just don’t find him as talented as Miss Rivera and I apologize if I offended anyone. However for the record, if your parents are born in Cuba and you are brought up speaking Spanish before English, you aren’t lying to anyone by saying your Cuban. Someone needs to explain this to HeyMon Washington Shapiro. You can be Jewish and Cuban.

    • @Adam yes they are known as Jubans and who really care as long as thet dont’ overdo journalism. case and point why must they always continue to report about the Trayvon Martin case we know how, where, when and why, as long as you stir the pot there are going to be issues, frankly and don’t get me wrong what is wrong with having American named journalist like Brandon Beyer, I am believing that this is a sexist thing with the female counterpart domineering the air waves.

  10. Admin.. I think you got this one wrong? Maybe they just promoted Alexis cause they added another hour of news? I saw Richard this morning?

  11. Sorry to see Richard go. He’s been a great staple for WSVN. Wish he would have been given one of the evening spots instead of bringing in (and losing) people like Reed Lamberty.

    That is, unless Richard preferred the am spot….

    Good luck Richard! Bon Voyage

  12. Alexis Rivera needs to fire her stylist. I know this is trivial but really! She is a beautiful woman- probably the prettiest anchor on channel 7 but whoever is picking her clothes doesn’t know a thing about fashion. please choose a jacket that fits her frame. She always looks ridiculous with these huge blazers and then her hair is crazy some days. Please stick to the look you have on your profile picture.


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