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WTVJ Newsdirector Lane Michaelson Pink-Slipped


DCRTV.com reporting WTVJ news director Lane Michaelson has been pink slipped, just three days after a new general manager was appointed to lead the station. Lane Michaelson came to WTVJ in 2009 as VP of news and content, overseeing both on-air and online news product. He replaced Yvette Miley who left the station for MSNBC.

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  1. Hope that new general manager Manuel Martinez hires a news director that can attempt to turn things around for the better at WTVJ. Ardyth Diercks and Lane Michaelson had to go. I’m not sure about Yvette Miley coming back to WTVJ either.

  2. Just hope the new GM doesn’t hire a manager with any connection to WSVN. The market doesn’t need another FN WSVN Wanna be clone.

  3. They are bringing in Tammy Delgado. They already made her the temporary news director and she will be named ness director by March 1st. She has been the best executive producer in all of South Florida for the past six years, so they really want to put top talent at the helm. Everyone at WTVJ is very happy about it.

    • Hmmm, wasn’t she involved in getting a former TVJ anchor fired and lost the folling lawsuit for wrongful termination. 6 would be fn nuts to bring her back. She’s a major liability!

  4. Tammy is hated by pretty much everyone at our station. We don’t have any proof but we all heard that she was screwing around with Lane the news director. That may have been one reason why he was fired, other than the fact that the news totally sucks at NBC6. Tammy has been telling people she is getting the job so she seems sure. I think they should just send a firing squad into WTVK and shoot everyone. It is seriously the wot television stations in Florida and possibly one of the worst in the nation.

    • i work in tv promotion. 6 years with comcast corp. 18 with local o&o’s in NYC, Philly. I could turn this station around in 6 months and get them back in the game regardless of who the News Dir. is at WTVJ

  5. Miami has always been a dream destination for me growing up in New Jersey. WTVJ is a legacy station that has a comeback in it..i have a lot of creative fuel left to burn on WTVJ.

  6. Nathalie Pozo & Roxanne Vargas Do Make a Great Team But i Guess Poor Ratings On Live Miami at 11 AM & On The Morning Show Still Poor Ratings Who Cares If i Was In Charge Of NBC 6 i Wood Had Kep Nathalie Just For AM Traffic & 6 In The Mix With Roxy i Dont See No EYE Candy In Nathalie & Roxy ?


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