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Antonio Mora Out at WFOR

Antonio Mora Photo: CBSMiami.com

WFOR anchor Antonio Mora is no longer with the station after his contract was not renewed. Not really surprising news considering he has been the odd man out since last year when the station left him with one newscast to anchor.

SFLTV heard rumors Mora could be on his way out going as far back as April 2011, when we reported WFOR made changes to their anchor lineup and newscasts that resulted in Antonio Mora’s on-air duties being reduced to only the 6pm newscast from anchoring the 5, 6 and 11pm shows. Tipsters told us he may be on the way out but that his contract was into its third year and past the ‘out clause’ period so WFOR had to wait for it to run out, which just happened.

Antonio Mora came to WFOR in January 2008 as the new main co-anchor in a time when the station sought to recover from declining ratings. In time for his arrival, the 5pm newscast was split into two half-hour editions and long-time anchor Eliott Rodriguez was moved to anchor the noon and 5:30pm and Mora got paired with Shannon Hori who had arrived several months earlier as Maggie Rodriguez’ replacement. But about three years later in April 2011, and a year after WFOR had yet again changed its news director, the station announced its 5pm newscast is going back to an hour and that Eliott Rodriguez will anchor alongside Shannon Hori at 11pm as well, which left Antonio Mora with all of 20 minutes of air time and almost no other on-air presence.

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  1. That sucks, I like Antonio and think he is a great anchor.
    CBS is going down the toliet and I bet they are trying to build the whole station around Rhiannon Ally. That is what it seems like!

  2. Anyone know what Maggie Rodriguez is up to these days? She rose to stardom as anchor of CBS’s The Early Show (two iterations ago) until she was asked to leave when they changed anchors (then a year later they changed formats and anchors).

    I wonder if she will pop up again at CBS-4… would love to see that!

    • hello Jason,

      re: Maggie Rodriguez – she is back in S. Fl. Her husband got a job doing something. I doubt she will be back at CBS or anywhere anytime soon as Paul and Ron 105.9 tried to get her to do Wed. mornings with them and she told them (aired conversation) not interested in working at all. She is enjoying her kids. I like her too. I enjoyed watching her fill in for the national news. Ron and Paul have had Cynthia Demos on the phone on air from time to time and she seems to be a pretty cool person. Kim Bokamper is on their show all time too. That’s all I’ve got.

      • Interesting. I hadn’t heard that P&YR had reached out to Maggie. Was that before they got Kelly Craig to do Wednesdays or did they want Maggie in addition to Kelly?

        • I miss Antonio…I have been trying to know what happens to him….Now I know..and it is a shame. I love his style, he looks always so well dressed and chic…..wish him luck.

  3. Antonio Mora is the only news anchor I enjoy watching. He will be missed and CBS-4 has made a mistake in letting him go. He is a true professional delivering the news, and has a pleasant personality. Hoping to see Antonio again in South Florida soon.

  4. Antonio was the best anchor in Miami. He has integrity and is well liked. No dis-respect for Elliot Rodriguez but he is the one that the station should ditch. In 2013 I will not be watching channel 4.

  5. I think Antonio Mora was a good anchor and underutilized. Sorry to see him go. Maybe there is hope someday he’ll land at Local 10 and replace Calvin Hughes who is just stiff and unwatchable?

  6. I would watch ten if that happened. The only time I watch it now is when Neki is on. I am so tired of four. I like Shannon and I think Eloit has been there too long.

  7. I know shifts get scrambled during the holidays, but CBS4’s musical anchors is just baffling. Rhiannion and Josh in the evenings, Cynthia in the morning a few days last week. And now Brian Andrews, who drew the short straw for New Year’s Eve, achoring on Saturday night. Would be fine with me if they stuck Elliot with Mora’s old role (just 6PM solo) and have Shannon, Cynthia and Brian rotate among 5, 5:30 and 11.

    (Actually they just really need to define Cynthia’s role–they have really jerked her around since taking her off mornings where she was so much better than the silicone-fest on WSVN and the mrecifully-ended Amazon-Women-of-the-Morning on WTVJ. WFOR seems to put those who return from maternity leave in the doghouse).

  8. Cynthia seems very genuine. But CBS has become so boring. I like seeing Brian Andrews on the news again. He is breath of fresh air at night. He makes it fun to watch and always looks so handsome.

  9. very disappointed. Antonio not only gave the news life but his personality was very genuine as was his reactions to news that was horrid as well as funny. He is the reason I watched 4 and then of course go on to Scott Pelley.

  10. I don’t watch CBS much anymore but started to watch the 6:00 p.m. which was my favorite – because Antonio Mora was the anchor. Cool, professional and fantastic. Now I learned he is gone – well so am I. I am going to another station. Don’t enjoy watching South Florida news anymore but made the exception when Antonio was on. He reminded me of the old news days, when newscasters were honorable and professional. He should be on 60 Minutes.


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