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Miami Nonstop Becomes COZI TV Today

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

COZI_TV_logoOne day before we all fall off the planet and die NBC is re-launching its failed Nonstop TV channel project as COZI TV. In about an hour as of this writing on WTVJ 6.2 you’ll be able to watch re-runs of Lassie!… and heavy doses of ‘The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’. The channel is aiming to compete with what ME-TV does, running classic shows. COZI is launching on O&O NBC stations now but news reports say the network plans to offer it to its NBC affiliates as for their subchannels.

And if the name COZI seems weird, Bob TV was one of the names they considered but scrapped, thankfully!

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  1. It’s great to see WTVJ air popular, highly-rated TV shows…5 decades later. Maybe they’ll eventually run a test pattern for most of the day. Perhaps bigger ratings compared to 6.1 currently?

  2. What’s odd is that the West Palm Beach sub channels aren’t anywhere near retro. I wouldn’t really blame chs. 5, 12, 25, etc. for not trying, as the current subs do well, IMO.

    • Agreed. It seems NBC wants nothing more than to make Brandon Tartikoff spin in his grave, rather than care for the viewer. I can run this conglomerate WAY better out of my own rear end.


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