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What’s Kevin Corke up to After WTVJ? This


Photo, courtesy one of our readers: former WTVJ anchor Kevin Corke sporting a cool Adidas shirt while on ESPN

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  1. Seems like a strange move. Can anyone in the know explain? Either working at TVJ sucks that bad or the guy really likes sports.

  2. Kevin must be thrilled to be away from Jackie. He probably would be happy commentating pig races instead of sitting next to Jackie the former beauty queen of Miami/Cuba. She is very beautiful… not. They keep Jackie around because she loves Miami/Cuba so much. In another market anywhere in the USA she would not last. Real anchors leave Miami/Cuba and get jobs in real markets where there are no 300 pound reporters or spanglish anchors that are Cuban.

  3. Bad ratings equals clean house. Corke was not very good with or without Jackie. IMHO, they both have sucked for the past year or so.

  4. So sorry to see Kevin leave. He represented a very positive image and independent opinion for Miami news viewers, without all the fluff that others at the network included. Hope he lands in a better place.


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