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WFOR Reporter Stephen Stock Leaves for KNTV


WFOR investigative reporter Stephen Stock has left the station to join the investigative team at NBC Bay area affiliate KNTV in San Francisco. He told Sun Sentinel’s Tom┬áJicha that “… BC wants to make us the gold standard for other NBC stations to follow.”

KNTV is an NBC-owned station like WTVJ, and Comcast pledged recently to make a re-investment in the local news division by adding more staff and equipment.

Stephen Stock joined WFOR in August 2007 from WESH Orlando.

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  1. KNTV has several WFOR people. They have weather girl Cristina Loren, executive producer Joe Inderhees, and his girlfriend/assignment editor Lauren Brennan who all worked at FOR.

  2. Hmmm…leave it for a hack like Diego to personaly disrespect someone from a station not-WSVN. Seriously, do you even work in this business or you just a hack you sits around in his underwear doing nothing but sipping the SVN Kool-Aid.


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