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Veteran WESH Reporter Joins WFOR


Stephen Stock currently an I-Team reporter at WESH, the NBC affiliate in Orlando will be joining the WFOR I-Team shortly. By all accounts very experienced he’s been at WESH since 1991 and has received numerous state and national awards for his investigative work.

RogerSimmons tv- Veteran WESH reporter heads to Miami
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  1. I’ve seen a lot of WESH news, and Stephen always struck me as pretty competent. He even used to be the NewsChannel correspondent for the shuttle launches. I think it’s a good move for WFOR, as was the Peter D’oench decision. These guys are REAL reporters.

  2. Diego-

    Can’t you find anything better to do with your time than trash people on this site?
    Steven Stock is a TOP-NOTCH reporter and a veteran of WESH for nearly 17 years. WFOR is lucky to have him and he will do well in the Miami market.
    ADMIN… you really need to do something about this Diego character, his incessant attacks on people’s reputations is doing more harm to your reputable blog than good.

    Trust me, it is even being discussed in the newsroom.

  3. I am sick and tired of the anonymous attacks on this blog.

    *Some* people consistently bash people and it’s pathetic.

  4. Diego or whatever you are … I am not going to waste my time with you. I warned you once already yet you keep crossing the line

  5. Thanks again ADMIN!! The report comment feature is a great addition.
    It was also nice to chat with you earlier, Take Care!

  6. give me a break

    someone says Charles Billi’s porn collection was stolen that is uncalled for

    i simply say

    something i know from watchin and growing up in the orlando market and u jump on my back give me a brake

    SEAN go find someone else to bother u are past ANNOYING

    wether i say something good or not u ride my back GET A LIFE

  7. Sean ,

    I frankliy have had it up to here with u and your bashing of Deigo . This is a site to make comments and the man is voicing his opinions. He is not trashing ANYONE . I mean being a former behind the scenes worker at Wesh I have seen Mr. Stock up close and he is not all that . Nor will he be the answer to WFOR’s Rating’s problems if WFOR thanks he is they are sadly mistaken . You are the one doing all the bashing on this site and seems u can say no harm no matter what u say on here . Why is that is it because u and the admin. are best friends maybe ? Seems so to me . As for the newsroom talkin about his comments I highly doudt any newsroom cares or has the time to sit around and worry what people on a website are saying or not saying . Give the guy a brake find someone else to BUG . You have your views on things and he has his .Thats what make this beautiful country such a wonderful place to live in . We all have the right to express ourselves .

    As for Mr. Stock like I said earlier he is not all he is cracked up to be as far as a reporter goes and that is coming from a former COWorker of his. Nor will he be a great asset to WFOR in the long run mark my words .

  8. Yo tan concuerdo con l Sra Linda, la necesidad de Sean U en encontrar que algo hacer mejor que Golpea a otras personas para allí vistas. Sr. Diego no dijo nada Vulgar. El simplemente nos dio una vista de lo que estuvo en su mente. Todos debemos poder indicar son las vistas en este sitio sin U que baja de un salto son cuellos. Son usted quien necesita una vida en este sitio

  9. wow! Linda or should I say Diego or maybe Diego’s sister, mother, best friend?? Don’t ever recall you posting once on this site and the name “Linda Ryan” doesn’t ring a bell and I have been blogging on this site for several years.

    As for you being a former behind the scenes worker, I highly doubt that. Who did you work for?. What is the name of the News Director at WESH at the time you were employed? What did you do?..You see TV news is a small world and your identity could be verified.

    Lastly, Diego does bash people and ADMIN has seen that on several occasions. He like all of us can voice an opinion, but he doesn’t do that..he ALWAYS pushes the envelope and trashes people in the media.

    “Give the guy a brake” — Linda Ryan

    “Something i know from watchin and growing up in the orlando market and u jump on my back give me a brake”– Diego Zamoria Jr.

    interesting isn’t it that both Diego and Linda misspell the same word..LOL

  10. I am not gonna argue with u ..

    U are wrong and u will continue to be wrong plain and simple.

    as for being Diego

    no MY DEAR
    I am not Diego

    Its MRS RYAN to u

    Now BOUNCE on

    No I never posted but have lived in South Florida for several years and been reading this site for quiet some time now .

    I finally got enough of u Bashing anyone who does not agree with u .

    My dear u are not god nor is your word the final say on here . So go on back to talk to your Buddy the ADMIN. as u do best .

  11. I am not a DUDE

    I said

    you go girl give it to him

    its long overdue


    I so agree with Ms Linda , Sean u need to find something better to do than Bash other people for there views . Mr. Diego did not say anything Vulgar . He simply gave us a view of what was on his mind . We should all be able to state are views on this site without u jumping down are necks . You are the one who needs a life on this site .

    there u go

    u and sean seem to wanna team up on the poor guy

  12. Diego that’s 3 personalities you got there, one even talks in Spanish, clever. But you should do a much better job concealing yourself

  13. You Did not bust me at all.

    I’m not a woman last time I checked and I do not Speak spanish nor do I understand it .

    SO im laughin here cause u the Admin and Sean both have EGG all over your face now that is Funnier than .

    Lisa Lampenalli Roasting FLavor Flav last night .

  14. I guess u find it so hard to believe that finally someone will express there thoughts on south Florida’s local news . Someone who will not back down or coward out . This is Ms. Ryan a single 50 year old White female 5’2 115 pounds get it right boy’s .

  15. I see the 2 of u are at it again Sean still has the Admin in his BACK pocket .

    Now that is something to roll on the ground about .

    Hey Admin. take off your Blinders and stop being so ONE sided for once . Oh my bad he still slipping u those 20 Dollar Bills or is it more now ?

  16. Well “Linda,” if you are a former employee of WESH I can see why you no longer are. You have more grammatical errors and misspellings in your posts than someone with a 5th grade education.

    So please forgive me if we ignore your “informed” opinion.

  17. That is fine Cord we all are entitled to are our opinions . That’s what makes this country so beautiful . You can say how U feel just as I can say how I feel . As for my writing it’s always sloppy online . As I’ am usually doing 2 or 3 things at a time and not concerned with how it looks just as long as I get my point out there .

  18. Ms. Ryan- why did you say you were a MRS. before, but now are saying you’re single? Not to mention, your crappy spelling and punctuation are eerily similar to Diego’s… AND Jesie’s. Either it’s just a very big coincidence, or you are pretty awful at covering your tracks. If only our posts had IP addresses… that would answer some questions pretty quickly 🙂

  19. ok- Diego..now that you have made a total fool of yourself don’t you think it is time to quit replying to other posters who clearly know your game??..

    Let’s get back to discussing Local TV News and ignore Diego. Clearly he craves attention, whether positive or negative.


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