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Marilyn Mitzel Suing Channel 7


Former WSVN health reporter Marilyn Mitzel has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the station’s parent company Sunbeam Television. Mitzel says she was fired in December of 2005 even though she had 2 years left on her contract and alleges Sunbeam didn’t giver her a reason for terminating her other than that they were ‘changing directions’ in their health reporting. She also alleges that once she turned 50 the station stopped assigning her to fill in for missing news anchors and instead used younger talent.

Sunbeam’s lawyer says the case is without merit. In 2006 Marlyn Mitzel filed a complaint with the EEOC which was dissmissed after an investigation because the comission says was it “is unable to conclude that the information obtained establishes violations of the statutes.”

Mitzel worked at WSVN for 17 years and was the health expert for two segments – ‘Doc Talk’ and ‘Health Cast’. Since her departure Channel 7 has no medical reporter and they only kept the ‘Health Cast’ segment which now consists mostly of repackaged content from the CNN health unit reported by Judy Fortin.

Miami-Herald – Suit: Firing unhealthy for 50-plus health anchor


  1. Don’t try the woman like that! What did she do for you to say such a horrible thing like that?

    Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  2. She did nothing to me .

    However I did not care for her on 7news and I’m sure no one else did or she would have not been canned.

    Now months later she wants to Sue . I mean give me a break like someone previously reported Steve Shapiro works on the station and u have Carmel who is what in her 60’s.

    Her lawsuit is baseless .

  3. I think that she probably did get fired for getting older. Look at the talent that we have in Miami people. Jen Herrera, a women who kind of sucks, is really ugly yet she is now reading what they tell her on the daily noon newscast. I mean i think that it is the nature of the beast, and jen herrera is a perfect example of how youth is now taking the place of quality reporters. I know, I know she has been at wplg for a while and that makes her a superstar but what about the fact that she didnt work for anything like the rest of us, she was handed her position due to a family connection. Then she has her little buddies defending her everytime someone says a comment about her, i just have to vent over the fact that i just went back to the traffic posting on her from a few monthes back and we have her friends writing to people telling them that she is a great wife and soon to be mother, this is not about her as a perosn it is about her as a reporter and I am so tired of having to watch what i say about certain people regarding the news and the way they report the news. In my opinion Jen Herrera has always been bad and she was and still is the reason why educated women are being fired, I am over this entire situation and If her friends or family want to write back on how great she is well go ahead but this isnt about the she/male we call jen Herera it is way bigger then that.


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