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WSVN in Retrans Fee Argument with DirecTV


Managed to catch some of ‘Today in Florida’ this morning and it appears WSVN and DirecTV are in a retrans fee argument. Every half our before the first ad break WSVN ran a full screen notice warning DirecTV viewers they might lose WSVN and FOX programming if the two companies don’t come to an agreement by January 13th, tomorrow.

The Sun Sentinel today has a quote from WSVN general manager Bob Leider saying “We know the going rate. DirecTV isn’t close to fair market value.” So whether WSVN/FOX will go dark on Friday or not remains to be seen considering there’s a football game on FOX this weekend and any blackout would leave a lot of viewers angry.

Of course DirecTV or FOX could always put Palm Beach FOX affiliate WFLX temporarily on to avert any potential backlash from football fans.

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