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WQAM’s Off-Key Ode to Julie Durda


Zach from the Joe Rose show … sings (!), an ode to former WSVN morning meteorologist Julie Durda. Listen if you dare

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  1. Hmmm, in any corporate world there is always some kind of drama, that’s what makes for something to talk about . . . Regardless , the old saying “‘this is the first day of the rest of your life “. Julie if you got it flaunt it, just treat people the way you would like to be treated. You will go far, enjoy life. You only go around once.
    And thank you for for speaking with my son ,and the picture taken with him, he too will be going into meteorology . And remember good or bad talk is better than none at all ! lol. Good luck & to the guy who made this sad video ….. She’s hot & you can’t even get close to a woman of her caliber ….. hahahaha
    Good Monday to all ! And be well .

  2. The video was hailarious. There must have been lots happened for them not to like her. Perhaps the outcome would have been better if she would have been nicer. These people are men and will talk about women. Sometimes you have to be a good sport about things.

  3. Wow, can these guys be anymore obsessed with Durda. She should get a restraining order. I wonder why WSVN never stood up against them on her behalf? I bet her next station won’t put up with it. With all of the sports going on this is all they have to do? What do their wives/families/friends think of them? They have no respect for successful women. A disgrace…

  4. Previous post sounds funny. If you find out via their show, she does have a restraining order against them. Bottom line it is ridiculous that it even got to that as anyone in the media will be talked about. If you can’t take criticism or dumb comments then you are in the wrong business.

  5. The bottom line is Joe Rose is an ass&^%$. Most people who work with him at NBC know he is know to harass interns. He talks sexually about all the hot anchors and reporters and he is known to cheat on his wife all the time. he is a terrible man who obviously is not satisfied with the mediocre life he has lived so e goes after the people he is jealous of and the women he can’t have.

  6. Joe Rose is the best sportscaster in the market. he is amazing. Stop insulting him. He gets paid well over 1 million dollars and gets free card from Maroone and is amazing at his delivery and style. he is the only sportscaster to call the games in Miami for the Dolphins and that means he is the best. He was a legendary football player and anyone who knocks him doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  7. Wow, I realize this was done in jest, but it is pretty sad. They obviously went a bit too far with her & don’t know when to quit. “…Our listeners hate your guts.” ?! I’d have to agree with her that they’re loosers.

    Hey, wait a minute…. Joe Rose has listeners?!

  8. Joe is on AM! Thats the same as cable access. It doesent matter what he has to say thats why he’s on AM! Yes he calls the games for the dolphins but really when was the last time they had “QUALITY” involved with that organization?

  9. And he gets paid crap for it. he barely gets paid 100 at NBC and maybe 50 thousand from WQAM. he has no life. he has to get up at 3am everyday and work until 1230am. WQAM is one of the lowest rated stations in the market overall.

  10. Love that QAM did this. I like Joe for what he does for Miami sports and tries to bring passion into the sports market even though it is on WQAM he is still having fun doing it.

  11. This guy gets kicks out of publicly making fun of a beautiful woman. Wow, he must be real popular with the ladies.


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