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Exclusive: Sunbeam Loses Foreclosure Suit Against Developer; Parking Chaos Ensues

WSVN 7News Miami

Several sources tell SFLTV that last week Sunbeam Realty, the real estate company owned by WSVN owner Ed Ansin, lost the foreclosure lawsuit it filed against property developer Scott Greenwald, and his company Isle of Dreams LLC  Sunbeam has been attempting to foreclose on the property right next door to WSVN studios since August of 2013 when it acquired the note from the bank.


We’re told immediately after the verdict the property owners moved to block any WSVN employees from parking on their property. Since the entrance to WSVN sits on their parcel they have also evicted the guard, and the guard-house is scheduled to be demolished.

WSVN is now left with about 90 parking spots altogether for its news trucks, and for employees. We’re told station management sent a memo out saying on-air talent can park on premises while an untold number of others will have to park at a parking lot across 79th street. No word on how many employees are affected by parking situation.

If Sunbeam has no legal moves left the property owner can pretty much do as he wants, and build whatever he wishes, within legal limits of course. Unless they make him an offer to buy the parcel but he just won the pissing match for a second time in a row so Sunbeam might have to pay a premium or do nothing and face whatever is going to go up next door.

Here’s something for those who like to speculate. When WTVJ was supposed to be sold to WPLG, TVJ insiders told SFLTV on at least two occasions they saw WSVN owner Ed Ansin at WTVJ studios in Miramar “taking a look at the facility”, as a couple of them put it. By that time Ansin had already filed a lawsuit against Scott Greenwald and Isle of Dreams LLC when the original plan for the site called for two high-rise condos to go up right next door to WSVN.

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  1. WSVN, leave Miami and come to Fort Lauderale. There’s great property up here, and much, much nicer neighbors!

  2. WSVN Stay in the Miami Area like Doral or Miami Lakes cause WPLG AND WTVJ They dont have news from south dade.


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