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Walter Makaula Named WFOR CBS4 News This Morning Anchor


417957_10200782769752233_1872563665_nAfter an exhaustive three-month search WFOR/CBS have finally settled on a replacement for Josh Benson.

The station announced just a few minutes ago they hired Walter Makaula as the new CBS4 News This Morning co-anchor. He comes from San Diego’s Tribune-owned FOX 5 (KSWB) where he currently anchors weekend evenings. And if you thought his last name might seem interesting that’s because Makaula is a native of Hawaii. Prior to KSWB he anchored weekdays evenings at KHNL NBC, and before that reported for KGMB the CBS station in Honolulu.

“Walter is a multi-talented broadcaster who is equally skilled as a breaking news anchor and as a storyteller who reports on captivating human interest stories. We’re thrilled to have him join our team,” CBS4 Vice President/General Manager Adam Levy said.

Look for Walter Makaula on CBS4 News This Morning January 13, 2014

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  1. Let’s hope he brings a big punch because that Summer is so weak. I think after Rhiannah
    returns from maternity leave they will be back in contention. Much needed shot in the arm.
    Wish him well.

  2. I agree with Ricardo. Seems like management enjoys playing musical anchors…Constantly bouncing people in and out of the anchor chair………

  3. Its like a sports team that is constantly making changes, the bads one do it because what they have doesn’t work. The good ones are steady and WFOR is far from steady. Sounds like they have an internal management problem and not a player issue in this case.

    • Management putting 3 pregnant women on the air at the same time is self distructive so you cannot blame the players. Can’t believe she still has her job. Embarrassing morning news ratings. The on going internal investigation WILL help.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pair Rhiannon with Elliott on the noon & 6 PM shows and have Summer take Rhiannon’s spot in the mornings.

  5. summer is actually smooth on the air,she deserves a full time anchor gig somewhere..as far as putting pregnant woman on the air, i give those woman credit for grinding through it especially these early morning shifts and they usually work right up to the due date so give them credit

    • #1 what ratings period were you looking at they only won 11pm hour WAKE up nobody watches 10 anymore sorry my DEAR

      Anne Bishop is not in the house to save that HORRIBLE station

  6. What happened with Walter? I have not seen him on the set of WFOR yet. Was he not supposed to start this Monday? Any news?


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