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First WPLG Photo Shoot for Julie Durda; Billboards Coming

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Julie Durda had her first photo shoot with WPLG recently, and right before the plane crash chaos on Friday the station asked its Facebook followers to choose which one of three designs should be made into a real world billboard. According to the post one of the ways WPLG plans to introduce Julie Durda to South Florida as part of the Local10 team is via billboards peppered throughout South Florida, and probably a hefty amount of on-air promos and other ways to drum up hype. Radio appearances though would probably be scant or non-existent given what happened between Durda and The Joe Rose Show

3528_10151335931813837_1190357564_n 555066_10151335930983837_1217699189_n 166719_10151335931423837_362124286_nViewers left varying comments under the Facebook posts, some laughed WSVN let her go and congratulated her on joining “a real news team”, while others weren’t too thrilled to learn of her arrival wondering who is leaving the station. SFLTV reported in late January WPLG weekend meteorologist Michael Smith is leaving and Julie Durda is taking over him on weekends though whether her arrival had anything to do with his departure is unknown.

What station management plans to do with Durda is anyone’s guess but I along with many people inside and outside WPLG guess she is destined to eventually get the weekday morning slot where Scott Padgett plays now. Although, I think there may be another possibility. It is possible management decided to put Julie on weekends as a way to boost ratings there and at the same time allow her to report soft stories and be seen on Local 10 newscasts troughout the week and weekends.

What do you think?

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  1. I think they might move Jason with Jacey on the weekends along with Scott to boost ratings. Julie will be in the mornings. Constance will be taking Jason seat with Jen. Mj Acosta is in training with Constance as the new traffic reporter. They will be competing WSVN all girls morning team. Smart move by WPLG.

  2. I think WPLG made a great move, albeit a controversial one in some respect. The FB feedback I saw was almost split between those that don’t like her and will stop watching Local 10 to those that are very excited and switch from WSVN. I think this will bring great ratings for the station provided the audience not used to seeing her accept her style. I just hope she doesn’t dress too conservative if you know what I mean. Anyone else notice that WPLG has a major pool of talent compared to the other stations?

  3. I met Julie out at Gulfstream Casino months ago and she told me she would be on WPLG. I must say she’s even hotter in person. No matter what she will boost the ratings.

  4. wow .. I will be glued to WPLG for all my news .. Constance, Julie, Jen, Laurie and Janine. wow wow wow .
    btw, I really like how Calvin reports the news…


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