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Miami Herald Looks at How Local News Saved WSVN

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wsvn.vlcsnap-2010-03-26-02h38m38s196There is a lengthy article from Sunday’s Miami Herald on how WSVN came to be what it is today, why and how going news heavy saved the station. Details most of you know and some of you do not, but the piece goes into more detail on the reaction to WSVN’s transformational “if it bleeds, it leads” format. And not just from the usual suspects like journalism professors and competitors, but also the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau which then warned WSVN’s crime-heavy news is scaring potential foreign visitors away and  at least 10 hotels blacked-out the station from their in-room TV services.

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  1. No one thinks of channel 7 as real news or anything close to news, most find it absolutely laughable, it’s the complete opposite of news.

  2. KGO and KABC were hyping crime stories long before WSVN started it. What is noteworthy is how WSVN changed itself from its previous news model to the current one and how Ansin salvaged his station. As the article mentioned, Ansin lucked out by being forced out of his NBC affiliation and signing up with Fox. That was an interesting period when NBC bought 4, CBS bought 6, WSVN got dropped by NBC and picked up FOX. And then a couple of years later, 4 and 6 swapped signals.

  3. Last time I checked the BBC isn’t covering South Florida crime, politics and human interest stories. That’s why it’s called LOCAL news.

    • Local TV news is too busy covering the shooting of the day, who was kicked off American Idol, the latest starlet to be arrested for drunk driving, the latest “caught on video” and the latest laser skin treatment to bother with real news of what’s going on in local and state government that affects our community. It’s always been that way to a certain extent but it’s more prominent now.


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