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John Turchin Shares Health Scare

WPLG Local 10 News

John Turchin WPLG Local 10 News crime specialistWPLG Local 10 crime specialist John Turchin had a health scare recently that nearly cost him his life. Tired and out of breath often, Turchin thought it was because of the pneumonia he had earlier this year but the chest pains had his doctor looking at other possibilities.

It turned out Turchin had blocked arteries, four in all, and had to have stents put in. His doctor told Kristy Krueger that Turchin was a walking heart attack.

John Turchin is sharing his story with everyone as a reminder to go pay attention to your body, and get checked just in case. Check out the video from last night’s report:

So set up that appointment with the cardiologist. Last year it took me all of 25 minutes and $220 to have an echocardiogram and see if everything’s ticking as it should.

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  1. to some it will seem like a ratings stunt but this is just a good old fashioned public service announcement..get your yearly checkups especially if you have high risk factors


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