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2013 Suncoast Emmy Award Nominations Are Out


2013 Suncoast Emmy AwardsThe nominees for The 37th Annual Suncoast Emmy Awards are out and there are thirty-nine pages worth of entries to read trough, but if you prefer to keep score of the overall nominations I broke them down by station below.

Three South Florida stations swept up most of the nominations. America Teve has 29, followed by WSCV with 24, and WPTV with 20 nominations – the most of any English-language station.

Miami Stations
WPBT – 6
WLRN – 1
WFOR – 13
WTVJ – 10
WSVN – 4
WPLG – 11
WBFS – 1
WLTV – 6
WSCV – 24
WSBS – 2
America TEVE – 29
Sun Sports – 3

Palm Beach Stations
WPTV – 20
WPEC – 2
WPBF – 0
WFLX – 0

In all, if you count cable network Sun Sports which is based in Broward, South Florida stations swept up 132 nominations in total.

The awards will be presented at a gala that will take place at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood on November 23rd.

And if you want to peruse the nominee list here it is

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  1. These nominations – while I’m sure they make the people involved feel really good – are a joke. Pretty much anyone who submits something (and pays the requisite submission fee) gets nominated…

  2. What’s a joke is they nominate a million people so they can sell tickets, pack the house and make money. In the end though, only 20-30 percent win.

  3. Too bad they don’t have their version of the Razzie awards for some of the most outrageous and unprofessional conduct behavior for some of these news teams and reporters. Ha. They would not have room for all the nominations.

    • We can have our own version here, create the categories and make our own nominations. Then everyone can vote on the winners.

      • Hey great idea, let’s make me even more hated than I already am 🙂

        I’ve contemplated doing something like this during sweeps but haven’t figured out the logistics yet

  4. Local Emmy awards.

    A complete scam.

    Overpriced and, in the end, mean absolutely nothing.

    We can all name dozens of Emmy winners who were bounced out of their jobs and winning this award is just a pyramid scheme designed to empty people’s pockets for the chance to have a worthless trophy gather dust as they empty their desks with security watching their every move before they are escorted from the building.

    Worse…are those who crow about being Emmy winners thinking local Emmy’s carry anything close to the REAL Emmy awards won at a national level.

    Small market wanna-be’s who will always remain right where they deserve to be. They might as well go out and buy a box of Cracker Jack, dig out the prize and celebrate “winning”. That prize carries the same amount of honor and job security as any local Emmy award.

    But this won’t stop quite a few from puffing out their chests, acting like they’ve accomplished something. All that’s been accomplished is they’ve been once again scammed by their local Emmy chapter into emptying their pockets for something which has no real value on any level.

  5. Female News Anchor and Male Anchor
    Best Anchor team
    Best Weather person
    Best Sports person
    Best News Station
    Best Investigative Reporter
    Worst in all of the same categories
    What other awards should we give out ???

    • Best happy talk before tossing to break.

      Best hand-prop during a live shot.

      Best dressed weather person male and female categories separate.

      Best use of graphics to tell a story with no video.

      Best budget for a single news story.

      Best looking live van.

      Best traffic report.

      And, as suggested earlier, also award “worst”.

  6. how about porno awards …we can have for example…best ass both in the female and male categories or how about best tits and worst tits.this could also apply to both categories…nothing wrong with spicing it up a little bit…lo

  7. You guys who comment have nothing else better to do than to bitch and complain and whine. Find something to do, get a life, get laid, and get lost! Find another hobby than wasting your time behind a computer like I am haha.


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