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Donna Rapado Lands at WFOR


Donna Rapado who used to report and anchor at WTVJ NBC6, is now reporting for WFOR as of last month. Rapado left WTVJ earlier this year in March after three years at the station which she joined from ABC Radio.

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  1. Anyone that is not pregnant is a good choice for 4. Energy level for morning news show is at a crawl. Never replaced their morning anchor man and it is really showing.

  2. Pretty certain it’s just a freelance temporary gig to cover someone who was out in a pinch. Would like to believe WFOR has more respect for their viewers than that and would do their homework and check out why they really keep getting “let go” before hiring someone for real. It is not always about on-air ability. Work ethic, taking responsibility for mistakes, getting along with management, potential inappropriate relationships with coworkers… all these things play into why an employee may not get their contract renewed. All they have to do is ask the right people at WTVJ to get the inside scoop…


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