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POTD: Wrong Spot News

WPLG Local 10 News

update: according to commenters and a couple of people who emailed in, Broward Sheriff’s Office told the media where to park their vehicles while a funeral for an officer was taking place nearby. There was no context to the photo, only that someone walked by saw the truck parked like that and took the photo. Viewers often write and claim they saw a speeding news truck, or bad parking, but never send a photo. Now there was one. In retrospect I should have trusted my gut feeling and left my “no background on why they parked like that” comment in the last sentence.

WPLG Local 10 News truck

Channel 10 have this feature on their Facebook page and website where they encourage viewers to send in photos of bad South Florida drivers. Well, cameras are everywhere, and someone sent SFLTV this photo of a WPLG Local 10 news ENG van parked in a handicap parking space, and over the curb onto what appears to be a sidewalk.

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  1. Never ends over there at 10 . I heard last week that one of their news anchors was using
    ghetto slang on the air during the newscast AGAIN. You have to wonder about the mentality
    of their on air personalities. They are imploding.

  2. A big fail on this.

    That was at the funeral for the BSO deputy last week and the TV trucks were directed to park there. Look closely at the rear panel and you’ll see the reflection of another live truck.

    I have the same photo – it was taken by a cop – and I checked to find out the circumstances. under which it was taken.

    Nice try, though.

      • I am not Ch 10 management.

        But I happen to know people there. A source sent me the very same photo you see above. I sent it to my contact at 10 who wanted to know more about the image

        I was also considering using it on my blog. But before I did, I called the person who sent the picture…someone in law enforcement, by the way. He called the officer who shot the pic who verified that the live trucks were told to park there at the funeral. Then I called someone in management at Ch 10 who also backed up what the cop said.

        Why were they told to park there? You’ll have to ask someone at BSO.

        See how that works? That called checking the facts.

        Of course, I could have saved my self some time and just posted the picture on my blog and made up a bunch of crap. But then I wouldn’t be any better than the guy who posted it here….and who, for some strange reason put a watermark on it like it was his property.

  3. I was thinking the worst until I read that Bill person’s comment. Love it how people and this site jump to conclusions without knowing the facts. You’d almost never want to watch Ch.10 again if that picture was really what it looked like without explanation. What’s a mother to believe nowadays, better off not reading anything rather than getting wrong or bad info.

  4. why should we all rush to believe bill, a good news reporter gets critical facts confirmed by at least two independent sources. for all we know bill works at channel 10. that other news truck could be parked in a non-handicap spot. reputation management is big business and maybe bill works for such a company.

    furthermore, why would the police ever direct anyone other than a handicapped person with a tag to park in a handicapped spot. that is a story in itself.

  5. ok….

    I believe nonfinfan and bill. BSO Funeral….and media trucks were directed to park there per police.

    Not certain what the parking arrangements looked like that day nor where this pic was taken…..but one would have to think parking/traffic was a nightmare.
    So….believable in my book.
    You have nothing to disprove the explanation either.

    Who needs the NSA??? lol

    Carry on folks…

  6. Bill speaks the truth. The PBA is out to get ch 10 for recent stories that put cops in a bad light (driving in the busway, abusing take home cars etc..) nice try PBA… keep up the good work Bill. nice to know someone cares about facts.

    • It’s simple. If they can’t post the name of the BSO deputy or local officer that
      told him to park there and commit a misdemeanor not to mention pull over the
      cement stop and block the sidewalk. Most people would be shocked to hear
      that they instructed someone to do this.

  7. Why does it matter who took the photo? The fact remains that BSO had the media park their live trucks on one side of the building where the memorial service was taking place. It did not block a public sidewalk or parking area, so give the faux outrage a rest. It was part of BSO’s handling of a funeral that included hundred of officers from different agencies and a procession that went though Pompano, Fort Lauderdale and North Lauderdale.

    Move along everyone.


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