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VIDEO: WSVN New Weather Set Reveal

WSVN 7News

Video of WSVN’s new virtual weather set reveal from noon today. Looks like it can fly 🙂

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  1. Somebody let Phil know that 3 button suits are dated!!!

    The set is not bad….it is busy….but not bad.
    Will I tune in?? Nope…

      • Dont get mad at me Diego because you just spent your hard earned money on 3 button suits….

        Classic 2 button suits NEVER go out of style. Timeless.

        If you are wearing 3 button suits….might as well put on 4 button suit. Both are tired…

        Sorry bro.

        • No 3 button suit can be as outdated as Ambrosio’s blazers boots and heavy jewelry. Ambrosio, guuurl, come out of ya closet.


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