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WPLG Adds Marjorie Mj Acosta to Reporting Team

WPLG Local 10 News

Marjorie Mj AcostaA new member has joined the WPLG reporting team, Marjorie Mj Acosta.

If she’s looking familiar and you watch WTVJ NBC6 on weekends then you may have seen her anchor and report for Generation Nexxt, a youth sports network that partners with WTVJ. Acosta graduated Miami Dade College with an AA in Mass Communications and Journalism, and most recently Barry University with a BA in Broadcast Communications.

You can find her on Twitter @ItsMJ

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  1. On Friday March 22 MJ Acosta used the word “chinky” in reference to her eyes being a lot like those of Asian descent. I found it very interesting. It looks like she is doing traffic which was previously done by Liane Morejon. Slowly but surely they phase Liane out and bring in this chic. She is very pretty but should watch her mouth. It could have been either ignorance or a slip of the tongue.

  2. I haven’t been watching Channel 10 lately and I just read how Marjorie joined Local 10. I will be watching now because she is great!

  3. Give the girl a break! She’s probably making a dollar and is right out of college. The requirements for a top 20 market like Miami!


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