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Exclusive: WPLG Making Changes to Anchor Lineup

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You know what I said about Jen Herrera being promoted to weekday mornings? Pretend it didn’t happen.

Sources inside and outside WPLG tell me station management (and at HQ in Detroit) are testing different people as anchors on the morning team. So at least as of last week Jen Herrera is really in the hot seat as management in Detroit and probably a panel of viewers are watching and taking notes. I’m told there may be several other people being considered for the morning slot next to Jason Martinez who appears to be safe. The evening newscasts are probably in the same situation but details are very scant.

I’m also told that it maybe up to the higher-ups at Post-Newsweek Television HQ in Detroit (or is it Chicago now) on who is going get the promotion, not WPLG general manager Dave Boylan and news director Bill Pohovey.

It isn’t clear what is prompting the sudden changes, whether it’s ratings or management at HQ wanting to shake things up. Although WFOR have been airing promos lately touting their morning newscast as being the “fastest growing” so maybe that has something to do with it.

On another note, several Post-Newsweek and WPLG sources tell me that management is going “crazy” over new Post-Newsweek Stations CEO Emily Barr making the rounds. Everyone is “on edge and looking busy”. Barr is set to visit WPLG on March 18th for two meetings with staffers

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  1. Whatever WPLG management decides to do, please keep Jacey and Janine. Put Julie Durda in the mornings and the ratings will spike. Why not pair Constance with Jason and have someone else do the traffic full time?

  2. I think Jason and Constance is a great pair like them both. The station needs to rebrand themselves changing the one & only that they had since 1993. That music is getting old. Get rid of that boring set and create better graphics and custom package like NBC 6 did and a set back drop of their tower camera. If not Constance, Neki Mohan is great. Also another problem why share a news helicopter with two other stations? Ch.4 & Ch.6 comes faster in breaking news and they are using your helicopter footage. That’s dumb the other stations should get back their helicopters. Take Katie off @3pm and move Dr.Oz at 3pm to go against Dr.Phil and Ch.7. Created a 4pm show because most of us is tired of Ch.7. Jen is a great talent. Keep Kristi she is a legend here. Laurie and Calvin work great together. Constance Jones should get the promotion.

  3. If they are testing some anchor changes…I say they bring Jacey Birch back to mornings and have her anchor with Jason Martinez. As far as weather…Scott Padgett should stay as the morning meteorologist. If they want to try someone “new” at WPLG…why not hire Kelly Craig!!!

    • I agree on Jacey. She is a dependable reporter and anchor and I hate that they keep shuffling her from one assignment to another. She has done weather, traffic, anchoring and reporting. Maybe next she’ll be asked to do sports?

  4. Jen is great wherever they assign her……..looks like Baron finally out as co-anchor on weekends…Hasn’t been on in two weeks other then doing reporter duty….Not inclded in the promos anymore….Jacey doing a good job on her own.

  5. Not happy with Baron James beng booted from weekends; Too many changes going on Local Ten and you are not informing us; All we see is new people and our regulars and now field reporters;


  6. “Channel 10” lost its way bout 2000, the “one and only” lost its brand and image when it lost all the talent and retirements of Dwight and the death of Ann Bishop. the 1984 to appox.
    mid 90’s Music people knew for years and highly favorable of the sets and music and talent and weather by walter C. and don Noe! when you take away the “trademarks” .of success and popular themes every south Floridian knew by heart and liked, Local 10 now is just faded and well lost! “Channel 10 WPLG Miami Ft Lauderdale The one and only” Where is that music and voice now?


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