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Adam Berg Joins WTVJ as Its Newest Meteorologist

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

AdamBergMeteorologist Adam Berg is the newest member of the WTVJ NBC6 weather team. If he looks very familiar to you that is because Berg was most recently a Weather Channel meteorologist. He at TWC since 2003 until October of 2012 when him and several other employees were laid off.

Berg is originally from Chattanooga, TN and holds a B.S. in Meterology from Pennsylvania State University. He made his debut on NBC6 last night.

You can say hi to him on Twitter @AdamBergNBC6

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  1. NEW NBC6 TRAFFIC REPORTER: Kelly Blanco starts soon look her up on twitter there is a picture of her,Jawan and Ryan. They should get rid of Keith Jones no connection with viewers and bring back their own helicopter.

  2. Will NBC-6 run with five meteorologists? John, Ryan, Jennifer, Erik and now Adam? Seems that’s one too many.

    Erik is doing weather this morning but it seems he is just freelance and maybe Jen will be back on weekend mornings once they can get her back in a normal rotation?

  3. I would say that Erik is probably going to get “cut”…Hey anyone remember the cute young weather girl who had the serious blood disease who is no longer with NBC-6…I cannot remember her name…Wonder where she is???

    • That was Jennifer (back when she was Jennifer Gray). I hope she sticks around but given that NBC Universal has bounced her in and out of Miami twice before it wouldn’t surprise me as she could easily be a strong #2 in a smaller market. Though that would leave TVJ with no female meteorologist; I wonder how long it has been since any station in this market was without one. (Also wonder if Jennifer will go back to Gray now that she is divorcing).

      • I think WPLG was briefly all-male in weather. Between the time Megan Glaros left and before Betty Davis arrived.

      • I do think it’s Erik who will leave — seems he was hired as a freelancer when Shiri left. You’ll notice that he was not in John Morales’ tweet when he welcomed Adam to the team (he named Ryan and Jen in the tweet, not Erik).

        Jennifer came to NBC-6 the first time from Shreveport, Louisiana… she went back to that station to be with then boyfriend (it appears, soon to be ex-husband)… just a few years later then married and then moved to South Florida. She’s been back at 6 for about a year and a half… wonder how long her contract is?

        Sorry to hear she is divorced. I do hope she sticks around in South Florida. I think she’s really grown into her role and actually did a great job filling in for John Morales when they were very short staffed around the new year (I think they pretty much just had Ryan and Jen on full-time duty… not sure how they made that happen).


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