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Jen Herrera Promoted to Weekday Mornings

WPLG Local 10 News

WTVJ aren’t the only ones to have made changes to their morning newscast today, WPLG have as well. Jen Herrera is now co-anchoring the weekday morning newscast with Jason Martinez. She takes over for Kristi Krueger who was moved to anchor afternoons and evenings.

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  1. Is this really a promotion for Jen? She has worked her way up at WPLG all the way from Morning Traffic Bimbette to weekend anchor and regular fill-in weekdays. To be fair, this could be at her request in order to spend after-school time and weekends with her kids.

    …which makes Kristi’s return to evenings more surprising. After so many years of her morning routine is ths something she really wanted? Based on her not doing the 4:30 AM slot and how frequently she has been filled in for at Noon, to see her with a heavier workload seems odd.

  2. I likehaving Jen on the AM show, however I think a better pairing would be Jacey BIrch with Jason Martinez. Jacey’s talent is being wasted on Weekend Nights.

  3. So what happened with Calvin “Boring” Hughes? Is he gone? I am watch Local 10 right now (11 pm show) and Kristi is anchoring with Laurie. Do you know the anchor pairings for the evening and night newscasts?

    • I don’t think he’s boring, I think they over-manage his on-air appearance.

      He’s either unavailable or they really are testing out who works out well with Laurie Jennings in the middle of sweeps month.

      • Calvin Hughes boring? That’s being too nice. I think they put him on the 11:00 news for insomniacs so people can get to sleep

  4. Probably testing the waters to see if they can boost sluggish ratings. Jen Herrera may bring some viewers to the morning show and there is sure to be a spike in ratings when Julie Durda goes on air in April.

    • Do you really think they are going to replace Scott with Julie? That would be the biggest mistake Local 10 can ever do. The should just use Julie on the weekends and as an entertainment reporter during the week. She’s no genius at meteorology!

      • no one really knows, yet. But it looks likely to me.

        I doubt they paid her more than WSVN and switched her from the #1 morning newscast to do weekend weather and report fluff.

      • According to my inside source at WPLG, Julie will do weather on the weekday morning show and Scott will be moved to weekend nights (and most likely leave soon after).

        • I would hate to see Scott leave. Why not have Scott do weekend evenings, weekday 5pm 3 times a week and be the main fill-in for Trent? Or maybe he likes his weekends off and that schedule would mess it up.

          • I agree! Scott should not be pushed aside (and out of WPLG) because of Julie. I personally feel Scott is the best of their weather team. Julie needs to do something else instead of weather during the weekday mornings.

  5. I could see Laurie and Calvin co-anchoring 5:30PM, 6PM & 11PM news… Kristi and Jacey co-anchoring Noon and 5PM news… Jen and Jason co-anchoring Morning news… weekend newscasts getting new anchor assignments.

    It still remains to be seen if Julie will do weekend evening weather, or if she’ll do morning and noon weather. With Michael Smith departing from WPLG, his next TV weather anchor gig remains to be seen… hope that either CNN, The Weather Channel, or an Atlanta TV station could be wooing him.

  6. you guys are over thinking it…its going to be julie and constance on each side and jen down the middle…they are losing ground to wfor and wsvn so they are going with the same formula….its the battle of the boob jobs, thats what it has become as depressing as the truth is in this case

  7. the problem is they have no plan. trent and scott i’m told are in limbo. kristi should see the writing on the wall but she has more personality than lori. julie will be on the morning show monday through friday. jacey should jump ship they treat her like a second class citizen. baron? what is the deal? plg needs to get their shit together. the sports girl crystal? they do have a solid reporting team

  8. As a long time viewer I must say that WPLG is slipping. There newscast has become boring, and their new multi million dollar station is vanilla. Ch 7’s building is 100 years old and still looks like a bustling newsroom, not like Brito threw up behind them. They don’t need to sexy up their newscasters as much as the producers need to sexy up the show. ZZZZzzzzzzzz

  9. Does anyone still watch local news besides TV news junkies? Most of the “news” is forgettable fluff and I can get the weather and sports online. I hope that Scott and Trent stick around, but it does seem like someone is going to either leave or take a demotion.

  10. I’ve always thought Kristi was a bit bitchy to Jason and I hate the way she never calls any of the reporters or contributors by their names. Scott has more personality that 100 meterologists and he’s the prime reason I watch mornings. Jason Martinez is the other. Laurie Jennings has as much personality as a pumpkin. It’s not that I don’t like her, she just doesn’t come across as warm. Calvin tries to come across as professional but for some reason he just doesn’t work for me. Trent Aric is a consummate professional. I really like Jen Herrera, too and like her just fine with Jason, but please, leave Scott alone!

  11. I used to be a devout local 10 watcher when it was Mark Schumacher, Wendy, Megan & Jen, it was at it’s BEST. Then when this foursome disband I had to force myself to watch. I got used to the new morning team but now it seems the best fit is; Jason, Scott, and Jen with Jacey doing the traffic. Local 10 needs to work harder at listening to the viewers.

  12. I miss Kristi in the mornings! She and Jason used to crack me up….loved their silliness! Looked forward to watching them every morning and they seem to have great chemistry…I hope they dont switch out Scott..love him too!

    • I miss Kristi, too. The chemistry was great between her and Jason. I can’t warm up to the new team and have been channel surfing just to hear the news. And Betty Davis has to go. She looks anorexic and I can’t stand her contortions when she bends and backhands a location on the map. MJ is also not professional enough as she is always flubbing her comments and constantly apologizing. What has happened to Local10?


  13. Monday, April 15 – what happened to SCOTT in the am? I love him! He’s funny and interesting. this JULIE is BORING,,,,, I need something to help me pay attention and wake up. She has a voice that makes me want to go back to sleep! Where is Scott? Bring him back!!!!

  14. Julie has toned down but dress like a professional call girl. Scott is the bomb.com there is no way he was removed from the morning…mistake! Thank God Krissti has been moved with her over the top corny humor. Jacey is extremely good. Maybe she’s been black balled. She deserves a permanent spot. Betty is always dressed appropriate, hair is always nice and her dialog is spontaneous and on point. Jason is good and handsome. He is the total package. Jen is fair and that’s it. Constance is over confident most of the time, I guess she is overjoyed by not being outside anymore. Pump your brakes Constance we see you. Calvin need some oil. He is like a rusty squeaky wagon over shadowed by his co anchor. Jacey should have an evening spot with Calvin maybe he’d be more relax. Lory needs to focus on loosening up a bit or do some exercise videos. The new rookies r very good. Both of them. Mike had a nice voice but he looked a lil lazy. Good luck to him. He needs to put some fire under his feet… Don’t allow channel 10 to be a trashy news show just 4 better rating. Hold on to the integrity that was or still is your philosophy….comments by TheReal1

  15. What are you thinking??? Can’t stand Julie Durda, no personality. Scott was SO MUCH BETTER.
    Big Mistake. Constance is awful. Het voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She also way over plays it. Comes across fake.

    All we are watching is a contest of boob jobs in the morning!! Not interested!

    Best team with great chemistry was Jason, Kristi, Scott, & Jacey.

    Get rid of that MJ…she is dreadful, always making mistakes, it’s a nightmare.

    At this point with all the confusion and these people taking over for competent individuals with a great chemistry together….I am switching to Channel 4.

    See you later.

    • What are you talking about! Constance Jones is the only reason I watch that channel. She is smart, eloquent, and extremely easy to look at.


  16. The move of Scott and Kristi has taken the dynamcs away from the morning AM news. We watch news as early as 4:30AM and the rapport between Scott and Jason and then Kristi , Scott and Jason was engaging . Whomever has made this decision, was misinformed or there are other undercurrents within the “office” that have made this wheel turn. BAD JUDGEMENT. Thanks, “looking for new channel”……

  17. It’s sad to see WPLG going down the tubes. It’s best meteorologists, Trent & Scott, have been relegated to the weekend!!! Go figure. Their replacements are a joke. Davis is downright scary with her awkward moves, & the rest of the unprofessional T&A bimbettes look like they belong on Entertainment Tonight. Scary to think hurricane season will be upon us & this group of non-professionals will be advising us. They are quick to point out that Davis comes from the Weather Channel. Why’d she leave? Kristi & Todd are great, but Lori is way to perky to be an anchor. One more ‘Gosh’ ‘Golly’, & my dinner will come up. I sure miss Dwight & Don Noe.

  18. What’s happened to Baron James? Actually what’s happened to Channel 10 in general? Where are the men? Not enough solid reporting unless it concerns The Heat which is overkill on channel 10.


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