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SPOILER! Exclusive First Look at Local 10’s New Set

WPLG Local 10 News

A photo of the nearly finished WPLG news set found its way to our inbox today and from what we can see it is shaping up to be a very good looking upgrade over what they had previously.

The set is still under construction, though mostly finished from what I was told. In the photo you can see Calvin Hughes munching on a banana alongside Laurie Jennings as lighting and camera angles are being tested so they’re just right. The set incorporates the colors found in the Local 10 logo, blue light boxes on the floor, and a red half-circle stand for the anchor desk.

We hear there are a few more things left to tighten up, and we should see the set by early next week.

If you can’t wait, click the link below and check out Channel 10’s new set and let us know what you think.

WPLG Local 10 set sneak peak

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  1. Nice looking but I have never watched a news cast because of the set. I wish they would quit trying to copy channel 7. Their two best weather forecasters work the weekend. No need for 2 1/2 hours of local news.

    • Exactly! Channel 7 used what seemed like the same set for 25 years. TV news is about talent first. You need people on the set that viewers like to watch and trust. New sets and dolled-up chicks do not translate into ratings. If they did everyone would be number 1. Sets and 3D animation graphics mean more to the people in TV then they do to viewers.

      7 invests in talent for the long term. Most stations are revolving doors. 7 manages to keep a stable of long term reporters and main anchors.

      I have no idea who the anchors are this week on Ch4, but we all know who anchors 7 News whether you like them or not. I can’t remember who was anchoring the 6 and 11 on WPLG five years ago but I know who was on the set for Ch7. It’s easier to spend money and build a set than it is to hire good talent.

  2. They can have a set that would dazzle Vegas but until they dump that terrible morning news team they will always be chasing their tails. More annoying than informative. Clean house.

  3. That new WPLG Local 10 news set looks stunning. I can’t tell if it’s BDI, Devlin, or FX, or a different set designer. I agree with Don Powell about previous Sabca-designed set on WPLG (2009-2014) being a bit an eyesore, or over-the-top… as well as agree with WPLG needing to be itself, and not copying WSVN. I also agree with Insiderplus about WPLG needing to overhaul its morning news program.

  4. I watch the Local 10 morning broadcast most of the time along with WSVN. I think the anger directed at Local 10 is blown way out of proportion. Is Jen Herrera and Constance Jones really that awful? Just be honest and let’s call a spade a spade – you hate Julie Durda but you use codewords such as “cheerleader”. She is giving us the weather not world politics. And she is gorgeous – what is wrong with that? I say bring on the new set, tweak the morning program if ratings warrant it, keep Julie and move on. And by the way, the morning programs here in S. Florida (can’t say for CBS since I don’t watch) are much better than the NYC morning shows from back in the day which were dry and boring. Just my 2 cents.

    • FYI Carl. Durda is an ex cheerleader for the 49ers. Acosta the Dolphins. Not code words as you say. When you act ditzy and incompetent then the shoe fits. Acosta only does prerecorded reports because she cannot read off the telepromptor without loosing her place, having to stop and swallow, or having breathing problems. A new set will not make up for her deficiencies. Management is asleep at the wheel.


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