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WSVN 10pm Newscast is Hot

WSVN 7News

How hot is it? Hot enough to be one of just two English-language programs to make the top ten most watched shows list locally. For the week of July 14 through the 20th  7 News at 10pm placed third with 134,000 total viewers, beating Major League Baseball’s game which also aired on 7, that program had 119,000 total viewers and split tenth place with shows from WSCV and WLTV.

What’s more, 7’s 10pm newscast saw a gain in viewers even though its lead-in So You Think You Can Dance delivered just 91,000 total viewers and placed 30th

See the rest of the numbers at the Sun Sentinel


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  1. Shouldn’t the real story here be that WSCV and WLTV blow away the others. This site is so pro-7 WSVN. You don’t hear anything about how the ratings show Spanish being dominant. Yes, even over WSVN. They even have anchors with Spanish last names and they have no Latin roots etc. after reading this I looked up the ratings and WSCV is the game changer.but, no mention.

    • Their accolades are well deserved in the english speaking market. If you have a triple diget IQ and demand accurate, professional, competent, and attractive personnel delivering your news 7 is for you. If you are a little lower on the scale and these factors do not matter to you, try the “Haitian Station” Loco 10 news. 7 is heading north while 10 is going south.

  2. WHO CARES about the SPANISH stations this IS AMERICA and WE SPEAK ENGLISH

    You wanna read about the Spanish stations, then GO TO A SPANISH WEBSITE and read about them

    We wanna see the stations that actually matter

  3. Take a drive along 8th street and you’ll see what WSCV and WLTV are tops. For 7News to remain competitive in a Hispanic dominated market is saying something.

  4. WSVN IS NEWS. For everyone who bashes them because they know how to do news, enjoy their work and are very community, turn it off. You can have the boring 4, 7 and 10.

    It’s sad to be jealous and hateful of those who make it work. Face it, they maybe #7 on the dial, but their #1 to most of us!


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