1. Looks good. Nice “new” idea for this station. I wish they had done this stuff when in the old building.

    Agree, Segretto (sic) has to go.

  2. 1. Jackie is not phine, cute but not phine
    2. Segretto do need to go
    3. I love it, nice job WTVJ. Keep it up and get some more of the sort. Like I said before, they have the studio space. That something I believe they have over the other stations, especially WFOR who look like some one is renting them a little space in a corner.

    In other news, welcome back Larie Jenning. I like how she relived her trip to room with Lauderdale. Nice.

    Webmaster, some of the codes you have here are hard to make out sometimes.

  3. I was waiting for Admin to bring him up but i dont think he will, so i will. Isnt that J.P Hervis a cutie? My, my!!!

  4. It’s great…WTVJ has been using handheld bumps since May 2004 when they eliminated having the 5:30 half-hour as its own show and expanded the 5:00 show to an hour. The shots were all handheld until August 2004. The guy who does them works for the promotions department. It’s great because I think news had to arrange an agreement or contract with the him in order for him to use the steadicam for news.

    By the way, the news theme is Frank Gari’s NBC News Now theme, part of his NBC Collection.


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