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WPLG shifts and stuff


Thanks to one of the regular insiders there’s more details about the changes over at WPLG in their preparation to drop the 5pm and 5:30pm newscasts.

Wendy Corona is leaving WPLG at the end of her contract. This, from what I was told is her own choice.
Kristy Krueger is moving to weekday mornings, she currently anchors 5pm and 5:30pm
Diane Magnum is moving to weekend mornings, she’s currently anchoring the weekday noon newscast. Will Manso will be her co-anchor, with Jacey Birch doing weather. WPLG is “expanding the weekend mornings. Something like 3 hours Sat and 3.5 hours on Sundays”
Todd Tongen will too be out at the end of his contract, he was told they won’t renew it. I think his contract is up sometimes next year.
Gwen Belton‘s contract expires this fall, she’s also not going to be renewed.
Mel Taylor‘s contract with WPLG also won’t be renewed

The insider says Todd Tongen was offered to do weekday morning entertainment but he declined. He probably reported on the latest hurricane to build his resume tape.


  1. you wrote – Todd Tongen will too be out at the end of his contract, he was told they won’t renew it. I think his contract is up sometimes next year.

    HOW ABOUT “sometime next year” OR ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT “rides it like a Ford”….>??

  2. I do ride it like a Ford got a problem with that?

    Sounds to me like YOU need to go ride something and release some energy if my spelling bothers you so much. You’re reading a blog not the Sun Sentinel.

    Besides English is my third language I have a special permishun to fudge the words

    Now take a deep breath and go ride it like a Ford to get that nervousness outta ya.


  3. Of all those changes, the only one that disappoints me is Gwen Belton. I remember when she started, how greenshe was, and how quickly polished she became. I like her a lot, and wouldn’t mind seeing her land somewhere else in this market.

    Todd Tongen and Mel Taylor will hardly be missed, and I never warmed to Corona.

    My question is – are they abandoning noon news as well? If not, with Diane going to weekends, who goes there?

    PS – Ridin’ it like a Ford can be fun!

  4. Admin – you are doing a fanstastic job running this entertaining site. To hell with those ungrateful idiots who don’t have anything inciteful to say except to criticize spelling.

  5. Who said anything about 4 & 7 launching 4pm shows??? 4 couldn’t do it even if it wanted to, because of Oprah, which contractually has to run at 4:00. 4 would have to drop Oprah first.

    And sorry, guys, but I don’t think Gwen Belton ever really fit into this market. She’s not pretty enough and her voice is downright manly, in my opinion. Obviously, other disagree. But i did think Todd was okay. Mel Taylor however seems to be old and lazy, based on his stories in recent years.

  6. Admin, I like how you handled that person. I hate some of these pest sometimes.
    I wont really miss any of the people they are cutting. Just as long as they dont mess with Laurie, Dwight and Nikki Mohan.

  7. Is it just me or does nixing the 5pm and 5:30pm newscasts a risk? I have never seen an english speaking channel with a thirty minute early evening newscast. WOFL Fox 35 in Orlando has no early evening newscast for now, but they are working on installing future newscasts for the timeslots. Does anyone know why WPLG decided to get rid of the newscasts?

  8. WPLG aquired the rights to Dr. Phil and Judge Judy. Dr. Phil will be on from 5 to 6pm, Judge Judy will be on from 4 to 5pm like she is now on WSVN.

    WPLG thought they couldn’t compete at 5pm so that’s why they made the move. Their 6pm newscast is often #1 or #2

    7 will have a 4pm newscast but I wonder if they’ll wait till the switch happens or ease the move by shoving Judge Judy somewhere dark? 🙂

  9. I don’t care who is anchoring weekday mornings as long as Megan Glaros does the weather and Jen Herrera is on traffic 🙂

  10. Wow. I congratulate you people who don’t know what all the Ford business is about. A slew of Ford commercials has hit (local) TV. Some guy who thinks he’s all gangster or whatever sings “Ride it like a Ford” in some mock-reggaeton type music there. I find it impossible to watch a program (on a local channel) without seeing at least 1 Ford commercial every commercial break. As annoying as the commercial may be, and as much as I hate it, the song is really catchy.

  11. Kaos, i don’t think it WILL make it to your city. It was made in Miami (with all the downtown skyscrapers in the background and stuff) and it seems to be geared towards Miamians with the whole ghetto-reggaeton thing going on. You should be very glad your market doesn’t have the commercial.

  12. Now back to the point of this post………who is doing noon news now that Diane Magnum has officially started the weekeng gig?

  13. The program starting at 5 ends at six. There will be no need for a 5:30 anchor. Nekki Mohan is the weekend night anchor.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Ride it like a Mutha–straight to the bank!!! Sorry to invade your blog world, but I couldn’t help but put my 2 cents in…especially since this little SoFL campaign has put a few extra nickels in my pocket.

    You see I happened to google the “Ride it like a FORD” catch phrase and came along your site. I’m one of the principles that shot that damn thing & yes while it is Catchy, (slash cheesy and also annoying) I’d have to say that it has been playing alot! But thats ALL GOOD wit me!! Hope it runs till ur ears bleed. Hide the electrical cords and RIDE IT RIDE IT!!

    the goofy lookin’ black dude (haha)

  15. Ahhhhh! I’ll miss old Tongen if he leaves this market. I’ve seen him several times at several different strip clubs that I have DJ-ed at.

    Jen Herrera is very pretty and well spoken. Corona seems like a huge dork. I liked the old weather girl Gina Cancellere. I have no opinion on Megan.

    I like the morning news….. It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work! It keeps me attached to the real world since I don’t work in the real world.


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