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Rad Berky Back on Air, Just Not in South Florida


Rad Berky left WPLG February 29. In an interview with the Miami Herald he said he’s not leaving the TV business.

Random Pixels tracked him down. Rad is now back on the air doing what he does best, reporting the more serious news in local news.

He’s now part of the WCNC team in Charlotte, North Carolina. I don’t know if he’s permanent or freelancing, but either way our loss is Charlotte’s gain.

Here’s a video
of him reporting

via /Random Pixels blog/


  1. Rad Berky’s a class act, and few investigative reporters are better. Agreed that South Florida’s loss is Charlotte’s gain.

  2. Funny how PLG kept saying “Oh he’s leaving the business.” Give me a freakin’ break. It’s possible he just wanted to leave PLG and go somewhere else? Rad was part of a mass exodus of people that left 10 at the time.

  3. He was let go people. Contract not renewed. TV news is no place for experience or age. And unless you are over 40 and willing to work for $28 grand a year you are useless to the people (managers) who chased off all the viewers.

  4. I doubt they would let him go considering he was one of the best. WPLG is stupid at times.. just NOT THAT stupid. And starting reporters there get paid waaaaay more than $28. Not even a total newbie like Ashley White got paid that.

  5. Let me say this again. His contract was not renewed. Yes, they let him go. Ask him. Age and experience are not considerations in local news employment. Have you ever been in a newsroom? If you have than you know.


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