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Unconfirmed: WTVJ’s DeMarco Morgan & Tom Llamas to WNBC


DeMarco Morgan and Tom Llamas are heading to WNBC?  Allegedly confirmed by DeMarco and Tom as well as insiders over at WNBC. They have both been interviewing up in NY and apparently, WNBC is offering them both jobs. Their positions are still unknown.  Neither Tom or DeMarco have any connections with New York. Both are outsiders, but represent the minorities that WNBC says they need right now. DeMarco is on vacation for three weeks while he goes up to New York for interviews and Tom has been there as well. There are still lots of unknowns with this all, and I’ll pass any information along as soon as i get it.


  1. Allegedly confirmed? How the hell do you allegedly confirm something? If it is alleged, it is not confirmed.

  2. We have heard about thsi at NBC6. We can’t believe it though. Demarco is not ready for New York. New York will eat him alive. An outsider, no connections with the city and a stereotypical news anchor….not going to work.

  3. CONGRATS to BOTH! BOTH class acts! Llamas departure, if true will be a double loss for this market. His wife is a class act producer at 7. Best to both.

  4. Not bitter at all when I don;t work for 6 anymore. But, WNBC is falling apart and people up there are complaining that new talent is being brought in for half the money.

  5. I think they’ll both do well in the Big Apple. The best on-air talent NBC should grab is Paul Deanno. EIther make him Chief Anchor at Weather Channel, or backing up Roker He is smooth on camera and God, he gives the weather down here as if he’s lived here his whole life.

  6. Demarco actually does have NY connections. He went to Columbia University for J School and lived there for a period of time.

  7. As an insider at WNBC, not a good time to come here. No one knows if we will exist in a year and salaries have been cut enormously. Unless your making more than 200 in New York, life is tough. I hear there are apartments available across the river in Jersey.

  8. These guys would do well to run as far away from anything NBC as they can. It is not difficult to see that this is one of those companies that is so poorly run that it is a joke, yet the people running it continue to operate as if everything is okay. But it is not.

    They are bad news people (ask WNBC and WTVJ) and bad business people. Selling a brand new TV station in Miami for a huge loss was not a good move. GE stock was tanking well before the current problems. No ratings and they can’t make money.

    That’s real bad combo. Working in a shop with no ratings and no money is not any fun.

  9. Demarco got hired at wnbc 4 announce by they news chief/vp vickie burns. Its NBC owned main station so any job is a great job. They have talent the legends Chuck Scarborough/Sue Simmons. Paul Deanno aint ready for NYC he couldn’t even make it in Philadelphia, at CBS 3.

  10. Well, here is is a year later, and Tom is at WNBC, and I’m guessing DeMarco is also. And Paul Deanno left suddenly, as well. Good for all of them, and I wish them the best. I’m a transplanted New Yorker, and I’ve been in S. Florida for twenty years, and this is the land of the brain dead, and ESL.


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