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WHDH in HD Trials


Boston TV News: “The Scoop” says WSVN sister station in Boston WHDH, is testing HD cameras and doing make-up tests with various on-air talent. According to the blog WHDH is shooting for an HD start sometime during the summer of 2008.

I don’t know what WSVN is up to but their latest promo – ‘News never stops’ – appears to be shot with HD cameras given the black bars on top and bottom. Of course they could’ve used an outside crew for the shots of all the main anchors.

Boston TV News: The Scoop – HD May Be Coming


  1. be careful, black bars (known as letterbox) can be added to any video effortlessly….not an indicator of if the shot was photographed with a HD camera… the world of HD has all sorts of flavors and it can be confusing to know what you are looking at..

  2. It’s probably just another scam to make viewers think they’re watching some sort of HD – just like their distorted stretch-o-vision.

  3. Does WSVN still do stretch-o-vision? Do they at least make it look better for HD screens?
    I’m not sure b/c I live in the boston area and I am very excited about 7 and another local station switching to HD

  4. Steve – Yes, WSVN-DT still does stretch-o-vision (as does WPLG-DT) for all local content. IMO, it makes the picture look lousy, as the fuzzy 4:3 SD is now streteched/distorted fuzzy 16:9 SD.


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