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WTVJ Off The Air


WTVJ has been knocked off the air. Nothing is being broadcast at the moment but snow

update: just a second ago they switched to MSNBC

update 4:12pm: WTVJ is in the middle of a meltdown. They keep going back and forth between MSNBC and Access Hollywood. When AH was on a while ago the sound kept cutting out then went back to MSNBC.

As of now Access Hollywood is on but the sound again keeps going out

Update: 4:15pm Paul Deanno is on audio keeps cutting out but he said it’s the weather causing the issues. AH is back on without sound


  1. Although they’re back on the air (kindof), the signal is still not back up to normal. The sound keeps cutting in and out and they are cutting back and forth from normal programming, to commercials, to MSNBC, to black, to no sound. I hope it’s not like what happened with WHDH. Weird crash…

  2. Paul Deanno just came on saying it was the weather over the studio. They didn’t go off the air during Andrew, but yet a tiny t-storm knocks them off… weird..

  3. These are certainly interesting times at NBC 6. Hopefully, the problems are fixed by now. You don’t think this is the work of Ralph Renick’s ghost, do you? Just kidding.

  4. There must have been DENSE weather near the microwave links and/or problems with the electric going out and causing MASSIVE blips in the automation system.

  5. the station took a power hit, the generator turned on and burnt out, sending smoke through the eng area… everyone had to evacuate… fire dept came out.
    it caused all sorts of problems to the server and equipment in the building.
    or maybe it was post-newsweek.
    who knows?


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