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While keeping an eye on WTVJ’s on-again off-again problems this afternoon I notice that Blake Burman who joined WSVN from NBC2 in Ft. Myers, Florida is now at 7. He started July 7th.

Blake Burman WSVN
Blake Burman WSVN
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  1. What an ignorant statement. It’s because of people like this that the world is in the state it’s in. I don’t understand why people have to use expletives to describe people with different beliefs or from different ethnic backgrounds.

  2. Regardless of his sexuality, its not your place to say. Even if he is gay, why do you care? This is America. We are all free to do and be whatever the hell we want. So calling someone a faggot, makes me want to call you an ignorant bastard who is closed minded to anything off of the Davie farm. If you hate gay people, good for you. Just makes me think you’re hiding something about your sexuality… but again, not my place to say. Keep your arrogant views to yourself, dip shit.

  3. Blake is NOT gay…It’s the anchor staff at 7 that is mostly gay most of the reporters are straight. Over at 10 it’s the exact opposite.

  4. SHEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Be nice people. Blake is a nice guy. A good reporter. And an asset to WSVN. How about this? Welcome Blake to our town? Extend encouraging words? That would be novel on this cess-pool of fear and negativity.

  5. I do not care who is gay and I do not care who is straight. I care whether anyone can put together a cogent, coherent sentence, then string it with several more, and, in the end, create a news product worthy of the highest standards of journalism. If it takes Richard Simmons and Melissa Ethridge behind the desk to make that happen, bring it on. Until then, stop making the newsroom a bastion for the functionally illiterate–both on-air and in management.

  6. Why does it really matter? Will it really make any difference to you if you know what sex and news person is attracted to?

  7. Who care’s if he is Gay? I could care less who he sleeps with and niether should u Oly Kaoli. I mean if your such a homophobic maybe u should stay in your closet. As the world would be a much better place without out idiots like u in it.

  8. Richard Simmons and Melissa Etheridge doing the news? Now that would be a flamming newscast to watch. Please sign me up.

  9. Just because your gay doesn’t meant you have to flaunt like a queen, Anderson Cooper is gay and a top anchor and reporter. Others could learn from him.


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