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Insider Preview


…that really isn’t.

No, unfortunately for some out there we haven’t been sold to WSFL but we like to imagine getting an offer like that.

Not that I would sell or anything …

Happy April fools everyone. We hope you didn’t get taken too many times today!



  1. You got me, you suck! I would have said, if the Tribune people paid you in cash, good luck if the check clears. Ah, now I can sleep! Now that colonoscopy I have tomorrow won’t seem so bad!

  2. amazing!! WPLG News at Noon has just been pre-empted because of technical difficulties. Bring out the pink slips, then slap an “April’s Fool” stamp on them!

  3. WPLG is a mess since getting into their new digs…. That news desk is horrible to! argggg whata disappointment

  4. Found it hard to believe the selling to WSFL. But meh ya’ll got me XD Hope you didn’t heartbreak people so bad they didn’t even bother to click the insider preview link :-p

  5. i totally fell for it..in fact, someone even mailed a note to everyone at my station informing them that the site was sold! nice one!


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