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NBC Takes On WHDH Launching NBCBoston.com Soon


NBC Local Media has a job listing posted for a city editor in Boston, MA indicating that the network maybe planning to launch NBCBoston.com and compete against their affiliate, and WSVN sister station, WHDH 7News on the web.

An interesting development considering how much NBC cried contracts and affiliate relationships when WHDH decided to have news on instead of Jay Leno at 10pm.

WHDH general manager Chirs Wayland told Nieman Journalism Lab they are not involved with the development of NBCBoston.com and won’t be providing content for the site. WHDH also have no plans of shutting down WHDH.com

Locally, Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV is owned by Scripps, which has a cluster of stations in several locations throughout the United States. They develop and maintain online presence on their own. It would be interesting to watch what happens considering WPTV is very strong NBC affiliate. ¬†Things may or may not change when WPTV’s contract with NBC comes up for re-negotiation and which affiliate relationship tier Scripps chooses.

Isn’t it rather curious that NBC may go against an affiliate starting with Boston of all places!?

In May 2009 NBC announced three tiers of affiliate relationships. Affiliates who’s contracts are up for renewal will have to pick from 3 tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Gold tier will require the affiliate to hand over retransmission negotiations to NBC and split retrans fees. They will get an NBC Local site, promotion and inventory sharing on all platforms – internet, hulu, satellite, cable etc. And most importantly a long-term contract

Silver tier will do away with long term contract and retrans fee sharing but will include multi-platform inventory, an NBC Local site etc

Bronze tier is very basic and according to TVNewsCheck is what stations have today. Broadcast-only ad inventory sharing. This tier won’t have long-term contract either, no NBC Local requirements, just barebones. And most importantly there will be no long-term contract with the station!

They have options, but recognize that if you’re going to be a bronze, you’re affiliation arrangement is going to be much shorter term


  1. I know that WPTV too was concerned about The Jay Leno Show. When Sunbeam stepped up against NBC, the Palm Beach Post had reported that WPTV had asked its parent company to possible speak to NBC as well about the possibility of airing the show at another time. That of course was back when WPEC was right on their ass ratings-wise. Thats not an issue anymore. NBC would be stupid to put WPTV in a rock and hard place as it has been one of their most (if not most) successful stations in the country…and one of their most profitable ad-wise.

    Furthermore, WHDH has made lots of money for NBC, far more than most of the NBC O&Os are making in the larger markets! Doesent NBC see what they did wrong here????? They left WSVN at the brink of its rise in ratings and now look where we are…and look where NBC is here. Why do they care so much about this Boston market (hehe I made it funny)???? They havent had any issues till NBC started bitchin.

    • You are missing the point…NBC is doing the website whether WHDH wants it or not. The site wont be associated with WHDH, but may steal traffic away.


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