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The Best News Blooper Ever. EVER.


Complaint: [22:12] meeboguest165188: wow you guys are just like some local miami tv stations, dropping the ball, i mentioned and left the youtube link yesterday for the story that TMZ has on their page today – nice to see you guys are on the ball when it comes to tips.

What was our loyal reader so enraged about? After the jump.

Happy? Oh gosh. Such a blooper; I nearly fell out of my seat.


  1. Poor Betty White…lol…..But this is far from the best news blooper ever. There was one on the Weather Channel announcing the Popes death saying “he was 83 degrees”. My fav was Walter Chronkite saying “vice presidential nomimee Nelson Benton” instead of saying Nelson Rockafeller. Nelson Benton was a reporter for CBS back then. After Walter realized he said it he lost it on the air saying “I can’t believe I just said that” and just started laughing his ass off. The only time I ever saw Walter loose it on TV.

  2. Betty heard MJ was going to be there and decided it was easier for her to be buried with him than to get tickets to the Staples Center. But where is Allen Ludden buried? And wasn’t Bette Davis buried because cremation in her case would have been redundant?

  3. Wooooow…lolz indeed. Also, apologies to Ms. White, who I just saw in an episode of “Match Game” this morning.

  4. Yeah, your sarcasm there was a huge fail.
    I was actually watching the Today Show when this happened, that guy has the personality of a twig, thats all I really got from it.

  5. I love the way he checks his notes after being told he meant Bette Davis. Was he going to come back & say, “No, Meredith, it says Betty White is buried there.”

  6. Well Alex, while I complained you dropped the ball before posting this gem from a national correspondent, seeing your previous posting with the weather guy from some random station, your mindset for this blog makes complete sense.
    Hopefully my sarcasm is coming through loud and clear and since the entire conversation was not posted by Alex – the rest of you will not get it.


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