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WFOR’s Mojo Jim Robinson Out


Several tipsters are telling us that Jim Robinson, WFOR’s first video journalist a.k.a. the mojo (mobile journalist) is out. He joined WFOR from WXMI in June 2006. We don’t know if there are any layoffs happening at WFOR but other CBS-owned stations have been further reducing staff recently. More as we get it


  1. Too bad, Jim was a hard worker, good storyteller, and all around good guy. Does anyone know what he “did” to get fired?

  2. Jim was a fantastic employee for CBS4. Too bad management there didn’t know what to do with him… or was looking for a reason to cut his position. Jim and I shot some of the best pieces I did when I worked in Miami. He’s a very talented guy and will land somewhere doing more meaningful projects for a digital platform.

  3. From what I hear, it’s his storytelling skills that got him into trouble in the first place. Too bad he couldn’t tell the same story to everyone. It might have made a difference.

  4. It’s been a long time since this – but everything happens for a reason. I’m now working as a senior producer for The Weather Channel and weather.com. Thanks everyone for your support while I was the ‘mojo,’ and I’ll always be better for the experience.


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