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WPLG Goes Live From New Studios Tomorrow


The first WPLG newscast from the new studios happens tomorrow!

They’ve been rehearsing all week long at the new building to iron out the kinks since the work flow now is (completely?) automated unlike their old building which was still on tape.

The first newscast airs Saturday on Local 10 News Saturday Morning Local 10 News at 6:30pm


  1. From the photos of the control room I saw on their website, it looks like they may be getting a new graphics package and maybe a new open.

  2. My guess, the new graphics will based from what is seen on many other Post-Newsweek stations (WDIV, WJXT, WKMG, etc.) And the new open probably from WDIV (P-N flagship station).

  3. For some reason i don’t believe that. Just because that look doesnt match the set, and the look i think they are going for.

  4. The new graphics are hardly anything new. Seems like an updated version of the smae package they’ve had for over a decade.

  5. Whhhhy do they still call themselves local10?????? That is such a bad identity. I wish post newsweek would give it up.


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