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Brian Andrews has left¬†Colombia abruptly after the US Embassy warned him about a “security issues”.

Even though the Colombian press is buzzing about his departure, in a post on his blog Brian says he hasn’t given interviews and that the Colombian tabloids are making up the stories surrounding his sudden departure from the country. ElTiempo.com is one of the rags who claim to have talked to Brian and that militant organization FARC is behind the security issue.

Brian says Colombia News in English is not ceasing, he’s still reporting daily for them from Miami

I have nothing but great things to say about the country and about the organization for which I work. Continue to check out my reports each day at http://www.colombianews.tv.

He ends his post with “My heart is in Colombia. I’ll be back”


It appears that ‘The Morning Show’ on WSFL has been tweaked yet again.

This time the suits separated hosts Kristin Anderson and Dave Aizer. Kristin is now reporting from various locations daily, Dave is in the studio anchoring from the couch by himself. Eugene Ramirez, who was out and about reporting live, is now in studio and often doing interviews by himself.

Lisa Hayward is still the news girl, so no changes there.


WPBF petitioned the FCC and won exclusivity rights against WPLG in Belle Glade, Delray Beach, Greenacres City, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach, Wellington and West Palm Beach to carry the ABC network.

WPLG was available in those markets on the Comcast system (on channels between 20-30) alongside WPBF but WPBF sought a waiver from the FCC that prevented cable operators from deleting duplicate programming of “significantly viewed” stations.¬†The FCC granted the waiver because no opposition to the petition was received (did any one out there even know of it?) and because it found that WPLG was no longer “significantly viewed” over the air.

According to FCC rules for a TV station be considered significantly viewed it must have 3% share of total weekly viewing hours in the market and 25% net weekly circulation share. Hears-owned WPBF submitted a special Nielsen survey that showed WPLG had 1.861% of total viewing hours and 29.66% net weekly circulation share.

What is baffling to me is that nobody knew of this so that they could comment if they wanted to, and the data they used to decide WPLG over-the-air viewership was sometimes based on as few as 2 households! The most households they sampled were 17 – in West Palm Beach, in 2008


Robin Meade anchored the morning newscasts on WSVN in the early and mid 90s and not long after landed at CNN’s Headline News channel where now she has her own show, the ‘Morning Express With Robin Meade’.

In addition to being a TV anchor, Meade is also a singer. Last week she was in Nashville, Tennessee to record an album and also performed at ‘The Listening Room Cafe’ alongside American Idol contestant Diana DeGarmo!

You can check out a video of her singing after the jump

Steve Shapiro Photo: WSVN.com

The Miami Herald recently chatted with WSVN sports director Steve Shapiro about his time on South Florida TV, 20 years since he came here for a job in 1990 at then WCIX, and some of his best memories. Like when he got called to the bosses’ office! Once because of a slip of the tongue (doesn’t mention a station but I think it happens at WSVN and it’s recent) when instead of saying “two-hit shutout” Shapiro mangled the words and it came out as “two-hit sh*tout”. And the second time because while talking to sports agent Drew Rosenhaus about Christmas Shapiro told him that “…few people know this but I am the inventor of the misletoe belt buckle.’ Ok, that last one, made you chuckle right?

Shapiro is now Miami’s longest running sports newscaster after Tony Segreto moved to news, and Jim Berry also briefly anchored WFOR’s morning newscasts. He says he’d be happy to make it 30 years and be the market’s longest continuous sports anchor.